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  1. I mean it matters what aces thinks not u.
  2. thats alot more than order :c
  3. you can not multibox and get the same advantage tho so im not sure the point. Using alts isnt against tos just having them on at the same time is.
  4. lets be honest here there is a large amount of ppl who multiboxx on the same world. Clarification would be nice
  5. i would be surprised if factions and dregs were up at the same time once it comes out. It will prob be w and hoa and dregs and everyone else dodge to factions since w and hoa are on dregs.
  6. the hamster seem to kill geared hoa and w people pretty well. Also seemed like balathan was attacking undergeared people with top of the line gear.
  7. buggy death orb seems like more of a problem than druid bombs
  8. i know my point was there was nothing like gr in the original vision from what i can see
  9. To be fair gods reach in that is current faction campaigns.
  10. lower campagin to r1-2s and raise gr to cover rank 10 too
  11. hurts the faction tho. If i get the bad rng roll with two inactive super guilds with like 200-300 members (think a streamer guild) it pretty much locks in a loss. Could make guilds have to make a new subguild for every x amount of people (like regiments) that way when a 200-300 inactive guild joins it breaks up the guild into 3-5 blocks to spread into the game. That makes your guild not be able to play with each other tho.
  12. main problem i see with this is people trolling and inactive guilds. Does udl and uxa count the active members or the roster.
  13. can always do a guild cap. Thats a temp solution to a game design problem tho. Cant scale well once bigger guilds come in
  14. This I dont like the concept of crafters/gatherers just sitting in gr all day and just importing gear.
  15. ya. Can reward capping forts, pvp, gathering, farming, bosses so forth with import rewards. Force people to go out and do things in the world to gain imports.
  16. I have 1 account. Its lame people can farm gr all day but they will just go to beachhead. also more accounts = more imports is a problem imo. Maybe you have to earn imports by doing stuff in the game? Only real fix i can think of.
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