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Everything posted by Marth

  1. wut lol. Do you not have a discord or the ability to talk in guild chat to ask "who is here"
  2. Have they raised more money from backers? I think we have been at 5m for awhile now.
  3. I dont see why eks shouldnt have the same things as the safezone temples.
  4. This archeage tried that and it just led to the people that missused it the most got wayy ahead.
  5. This /who pretty much makes faction able to know how much to lock a zone. We would see more chaos invasions or balance invasions with it gone. If you /who and see 50 people in your zone you are just gonna dodge (sadly). Being able to hide a raid in a forest and sneak attack would be a massive boon to pvp.
  6. They haven't said really what they plan for eks to do. ATM its rp housing and you can do some trading there (remove free city >:c)
  7. rather have an ek patch or 5.9 1 week sooner than balancing patches that would just shift the meta from one op thing to another imo.
  8. I want my p2w title >:c . otherwise good idea
  9. Currently purples / yellows last multiple campaigns. They would have to rework dura.
  10. Where did they say campaigns were 2 weeks?
  11. League balances urf all the time. Idk why you are basing crowfall off a dead moba. What is the primary campaign?
  12. The always said the ruleset was different for each campaign. Also putting its obvious before a statement does not make it so.
  13. so anything you can do in a beachhead/temple?
  14. Lowered chances of a fight. Already gotta look 30min-1hour to find people :c
  15. removing /who would make it harder to abuse zone caps.
  16. Cuz all the stuff you can farm in eks. like... apples
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