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  1. I think the wipe will point out a major flaw in cf. That the game is pretty unplayable for the first 1-2 weeks post wipe.
  2. if you are gonna wipe, wipe everything (maybe minus vessels?).
  3. the reason they keep making cash grabs is because people complain about them then spend money anyways. If it wasnt profitable they wouldnt do it.
  4. ks had an est delivery of dec 2016 is what he is referring to. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo Est is def not a promise but there is the context.
  5. There has been development. If you look at every .1 update you will see changes. As to if that is fast or not ill leave up to you.
  6. Not to mention people still have no idea what eks do. P2P trading hasnt been addressed yet either. I find it more p2w if i can just paypal someone 200$ for a full reroll yellow vessel and gear.
  7. people wouldnt play most rts if 90% of the game was watching the peasants hit rocks.
  8. strategy play atm is seen in most other pvp mmos. Hopefully dregs shakes things up. Seems like it will be atlas tho with no pirates/water/pets/ but better combat.
  9. dregs will have building and upkeep. factions prob shouldnt.
  10. how do you convince people to make walls / gates ect if they cost gold every campaign for upkeep. A majority of players beside people with packs / rpers dont care about eks.
  11. How ACE is going to bring EKs up to that level remains to be seen as the goals we've heard are: EKs should have little to no effect on the competitive balance of any given campaign. EKs should be the thing that makes you want to export, and by extension, the thing that makes you want to win. this is from a recent thread. Currently the two things that are talked about on eks are not compatible.
  12. eks have to have some sort of value to charge upkeep.
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