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  1. but then you dont build up eks you just take the min to sacrifice. If its tied to ek progression it encourages guilds to build up the ek
  2. yes if certain tiers of eks would unlock more armor customization would be cool.
  3. These two things are not compatible
  4. 6 keeps with a low pop... why not just remove keeps and just make em forts at that point
  5. jtod has given a different statement than the tos.
  6. I mean it matters what aces thinks not u.
  7. thats alot more than order :c
  8. you can not multibox and get the same advantage tho so im not sure the point. Using alts isnt against tos just having them on at the same time is.
  9. lets be honest here there is a large amount of ppl who multiboxx on the same world. Clarification would be nice
  10. i would be surprised if factions and dregs were up at the same time once it comes out. It will prob be w and hoa and dregs and everyone else dodge to factions since w and hoa are on dregs.
  11. the hamster seem to kill geared hoa and w people pretty well. Also seemed like balathan was attacking undergeared people with top of the line gear.
  12. buggy death orb seems like more of a problem than druid bombs
  13. i know my point was there was nothing like gr in the original vision from what i can see
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