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  1. So this is campaigns with 3 factions with 1 center resources area. Cool.
  2. removed gr is supposed to be a noobie island right? With a easy to access place with perm vendors those slots are worth more than any ek / campaign slots.
  3. gr is only ment for new people eks are supposed to be the hub for in between campaigns.
  4. I mean everything you just said can be done without gr.
  5. passive system just needs to be overhauled or removed imo.
  6. so how would you get rid of eks and provide compensation to the original backers who spent hundreds to thousands of dollars each on em.
  7. They talked about giving nobles the ability to start up eks months ago back when the afk timer was reintroduced (fixed)
  8. that was the joke Yes paid ads and sponsored reviews bring in people. I dont see how not keeping people in the loop will bring in the masses.
  9. "Thomas "Dreadflame" Sitch here. I worked with Todd back on Shadowbane and then later on Wizard 101, and built the backend server technology ("Tornado2 Engine") during my own independent game developer time. We're using that technology on Crowfall, which cuts off about 2 years of server development."
  10. I dont think that is how it ended up Does anyone know if ace is still using tornado.
  11. thats the thing tho. Cu improved its communication over time cf has seem to have done to opposite. Cutting communication and interaction with the community is a weird way to build hype.
  12. hard to be hype for cf with no news tho.
  13. they also raised similar amounts of backer funds.
  14. Cu has a terrifying level of communication. Its pretty surprising.
  15. hopefully we see an increase in players then
  16. my main point. They dont have the time to do it without taking time from another core feature of the game. So it will be called a "post launch feature (aka never happening)" Eks are the cake from portal.
  17. i would agree eks and campaigns were the 2 biggest features in the ks. Most backer rewards is related to eks so i hope one day they will get focus or an update.
  18. would require effort being put into eks so i would call it a crazy idea.
  19. but then you dont build up eks you just take the min to sacrifice. If its tied to ek progression it encourages guilds to build up the ek
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