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  1. Well no it was casuals being added to video games. There is a very accurate image that sums it up but ill earn myself a warning for it.
  2. Alexa remind me to unlike oneply comments.
  3. i believe you are correct.
  4. Thats fine and all but when people complain about the lack of pop they know who to blame.
  5. we didnt get paid. We paid for the game. Some for 200-1000$ If we were here for free or getting paid its a different ballgame.
  6. i usually have good dealings with support
  7. Star citizen gave a road map after a few years of slow development. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/1-Star-Citizen
  8. For sure testing those too would help new players get into the game and give them something to do while their training catches up. Especially since we dont wipe skills that much.
  9. they should test these out before live.
  10. im all for removing passive tree and just baking more things into attribute points. the other idea would be if you have less than max you get a buff on how fast you gen points till you are mostly caught up.
  11. Well you join the game and go "oh im useless till i get my passive /combat/harvesting/soforth up"
  12. anyone could have told you they are gonna wipe more before alpha
  13. This implementing a catch up mechanic for new people would be a boon.
  14. not wiping skils makes it hard for new people to get into the game. With the current passive system makes it hard to catch up if you are brand new.
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