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Everything posted by Marth

  1. I think they were fighting over a centerpiece
  2. Remove all non humans races from the game
  3. let hamsters ride centaurs before new classes.
  4. housing in the current model cost taxes. So if you have a super cool / large ek you are gonna have to pay taxes out the ass. Sadly Eks have been largely left in the dark as to what to expect.
  5. 5.100 is out people can just test that in the spare time. If they plan on launching 5.100 after the campaign this should be more so
  6. randomly disconnecting people on the winning team would do it (not saying that happened)
  7. 1. yes (farm parcel is not for strongholds) 2. no 3. no. there is some decor in certain houses.
  8. I mean for this one is pretty self explanatory. People paid (hundreds to thousands) for it so they are ob concerned about how it is going.
  9. Guards are only op because of the low population. In a higher population siege guard advantage is much less.
  10. ek centerpieces would please me most of the time ❤️
  11. This eks have been sidelined for the time being.
  12. im more worried about how much longer before release. Are they just gonna launch asap or wait another year or two until the game is ready.
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