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  1. every community would claim that their game is transparent.
  2. This. Telling people just dont play will lead to people well, just not playing. This leaves less people to play which creates a feedback loop of people leaving the game. 5.9 was boasted a the performance and controller update but we havent been able to stress test it because the numbers are rapidly falling every week.
  3. frostweaver is the always the centerpiece i thought it would be.
  4. A good teaser to make people come back and check out the game prob.
  5. think that and the dregs thing is bait
  6. This as well. Communication seems lacking atm and it makes it hard to be hyped about anything cf atm.
  7. This. Dregs and eks are what the games unique. They are also features that use the same tech. Going a faction vs faction when every other mmo offers it I don't think was a good choice.
  8. oof.... Welcome tho
  9. No if one account gets 10 exports and you have 9 alt accounts you get 100 exports. This could be mitigated by tying exports to points you gain during the campaign.
  10. Thats what someone who doesnt believe in their dad would say.
  11. Well training is one thing but if have 10 alt accounts now i get x10 more exports then someone that does not. Which makes me get x10 more loot.
  12. If i win pvp they have more than me. If i lose pvp they have more than me. Vidya game numbers are pretty easy.
  13. Posting on the forums so yeah you doing the pvp right.
  14. i cant wait for them to add farms to eks so i can just rp farm there too
  15. ideally with factories you could stack identical gear with no dura loss so you could have 10 sets stacked.
  16. i would say the game encourages people to specialize in pve
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