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    Marth reacted to mandalore in Anti-blob mechanic vs anti-zerg mechanic.   
    The blob meta isn't going to go away just because you add more objectives to sieges.  It's indicative of the fact that there are more melee than ranged and more functioning melee classes than ranged classes.
    Lets break down the melee vs ranged:
    Assassin: 3 melee
    Champion: 3 melee
    Cleric: 3 ranged
    Confessor: 1 is a melee range shotgun and the other 2 are ranged
    Druid: 3 ranged
    Duelist: 2 melee and 1 short range ranged
    Knight: 3 melee
    Myrmidon: 3 melee
    Ranger: 2 melee and 1 ranged
    Templar: 3 melee
    So 20 melee and 10 ranged ( a few of which are short range) of the available 30 classes.  That's twice as many melee as their are ranged.  It doesn't matter what funky siege mechanics people dream up, the game is going to be a melee ball because there are twice as many melee classes as there are ranged.  When they add Frostweaver even if all three specs are ranged the ratio isn't even.  They will need to add 7 specs (after FW) for it to be melee to range even on class ratio.
    Most of the melee specs work.  Some need a balance pass over (CC myrm, CC Templar, CC knight, there's a pattern...) but they for the most part function relatively well.  The range classes are mostly countered by one disc (elementalist) and some of them have huge class issues (radicals mana issue, 1h hammers skill tree not boosting the damage type the class who uses it uses, arbiter being a weird hybrid and archer not benefiting from quivers correctly). 
    tldr: theres more melee classes that half work than than there are range classes that do or don't work combined, melee ball seems to be designed into CF
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    Marth reacted to VaMei in Anti-blob mechanic vs anti-zerg mechanic.   
    Playing with objectives can make the balls smaller, but when combat range is 6m for most classes, that's how far apart they're going to be.
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Anti-blob mechanic vs anti-zerg mechanic.   
    making overwhelming odds and resolution scale up and down with group size. More allies lower the gain of the minor. More enemies increase the gain from the minors. 
    maybe something like
    if its 10 v 20 you might get 15+ mit and 50% dmg
    and if its 20v10 you dont get anything
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Anti-blob mechanic vs anti-zerg mechanic.   
    Need a skill that would pushing people for blobing without rewarding people for blobing while doing it. 
    Maybe an aoe that does more dmg the more people it hits but at the same time doing less dmg when it has allies in it. 
    So like 20% more dmg for each unique person it hits while losing 20% for each ally within 10m-20m? So if its 30 vs 10 it would do 600%-200%=400% dmg
    Could also make eso type siege things that do massive siege dmg. This might make pitched battles revolved around artillery.
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    Marth reacted to Gradishar in Anyone else finding the TTK a little to long now?   
    That's the weapon I used in that fight...

    When 35 can beat 65...the TTK isn't too long. If you made it easier for us to melt you...the results would be even more lopsided. Knowing who to target first, getting on target, having optimal builds, being prepared for the fight, communicating during the fight...all contributes to success. That being said, I'm looking forward to what the new armor revamp has instore and it may indeed, shorten the TTK. I don't think you're going to like that either.  
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    Marth reacted to mandalore in Anyone else finding the TTK a little to long now?   
    Love me some Vindicator Templar. 
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    Marth reacted to TheMap in Anyone else finding the TTK a little to long now?   
    Yank Templar away from divine light (chain,net) black mantle, (plague lord) kite (ranger, fessor, assassin poison). Dead
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    Marth reacted to DocHollidaze in Anyone else finding the TTK a little to long now?   
    A few things -
    1. ACE lied and made healing firehose healing.
    2. There are ways for healers to have imminently sustainable mana.
    3. Some people don't know how to play and kill people effectively.
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in I'm a Spy in Crowfall   
    isnt 4chans that gummy bear website 0.0
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    Marth got a reaction from Muffakin in I'm a Spy in Crowfall   
    isnt 4chans that gummy bear website 0.0
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in From the Balance Office of Strategic Services   
    Is foex just a ripoff of foe? Flock of Eagles might sue for their slang back.
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    Marth reacted to DocHollidaze in Ahrethil monkakhrun, Balance?   
    I'm sincerely rooting for you and Scarlett. You two rock
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    Marth got a reaction from rutaq in Zone Caps   
    This too dad can you fix
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    Marth reacted to mandalore in The Hordes of Chaos vs The League of Extraordinary Balance   
    RIP my good intentions friendly thread...
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    Marth reacted to Andius in The Hordes of Chaos vs The League of Extraordinary Balance   
    Balance got 3 keeps for three primary reasons last night.

    1. Chaos was split across several discords and comms were in total disarray. Shots were being called and many people weren't hearing them due to to the division in voice comms and it caused us to be slow to respond to situations appropriately. We had people staying in when a call to fall back was given, staying back when being told to push etc.

    2. We decided to take all of our people to push the offense to get experience pushing the offense. Ultimately, that wasn't a good tactical decision if we care about winning this campaign. But I think many people are here to learn and really don't care about winning or losing all that much. Not presenting a value judgement on that mentality one way or the other, it's just clearly a reason we failed to defend our keep.

    3. Older characters and more experienced players on balance.

    Personally, I joined a few days ago. I don't really care if we win or lose this campaign. I just care that we're stronger going into the next one than we are in this one.

    Good fights.
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    Marth reacted to mandalore in Zone Caps   
    I started a dev partner post about it but just to give it more attention most of this alt/spying problem ccan be fixed with removing /who and the ability for people to have nearly instant access to ISR.  If you want intelligencce you should have to earn it, not log in an alt and type /who. 
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    Marth reacted to PopeUrban in Zone Caps   
    What do you do with players that change their mind in the middle of logging in to a campaign?
    Its such an edge case I'm not sure it even needs any fancy UI. Just let people alt f4 out if its taking too long. Letting them cancel it would open up abuse cases like going down the public list and online/cancel. I think its reasonable to assume that when someone clicks "join server" they mean to join a server.
    I'm not saying there aren't any hurdles. I don't work for ACE or anything but from an outside perspective I can't understand why this wasn't the first model given the prominence of eks in both the overall design and in the microtransaction store.
    I'm wondering why every time we hear about eks its about how to keep them empty rather than how to keep them full when the method I outlined is pretty standard fare for a ton of player housing models.
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    Marth reacted to PopeUrban in Zone Caps   
    I posted about this a while back.
    I don't understand the need to keep empty EKs open at all, or the need to have separate UI steps for online and join.
    Permissions exist to prevent people from making alterations they shouldn't.
    Why isn't "join EK" a single user interaction that spins up the EK if its offline?
    If everyone who had access to an ek could online it you wouldn't need to have timers to keep it online at all. If onlining it was part of the join process people couldn't just go down the list and open a bunch of eks because they couldn't spin up a second ek while inside the first. There wouldn't be any empty eks if they just shut down the moment they emptied since they wouldn't need to be left online when empty.
    If nobody had to AFK or click a button to open a literally empty ek just to sit there and be empty  you wouldn't be spending server uptime on eks that are not being used just to sit them there for the possibility of use.
    In the current system you have not only a system that actively prevents the use of EKs as a shared space (because why would I place any assets in a position where I may be literally unable to access them) but from ihe outside it seems like you're wasting resources by actively encouraging people to open empty servers with no activity happening in them.
    If everyone with access to an ek just onlined it as part of the join process, you wouldn't have to worry about how long empty eks stay online because there wouldn't be any empty eks. From the user perspective the access to eks would be, functionally, as if they were all open all the time, with the only down side being that it would take slightly longer to log in to one that isn't currently in active use by another player.
    I'm sure this is something you've thought about so what's the reasoning behind this whole "we need to have empty eks sit there and then be worried about how long they sit there empty"
    Is it more expensive to spin them up and run them down again more often or what? It seems to me that the default behavior should be "onlines when joined, offlines when empty" and the owner could optionally choose to lock it from the menu if they wanted to, for instance, secure a pvp ek before logging in to it for changes.
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    Marth reacted to Jah in Zone Caps   
    Please get rid of the /who command. That would instantly remove a major incentive to run alts in enemy factions in the campaigns.
    I am sure it is a useful command for devs, but can't you make it a dev-only command?
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Zone Caps   
    Can you give other people the ability to power on eks?
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Zone Caps   
    Srathors Lawn and Aerynth Traders o7
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Zone Caps   
    make an exception for people in eks tho
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Zone Caps   
    my only problem with this is that people would put other faction alts in zone.
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    Marth reacted to Ussiah in Zone Caps   
    Please do not implement AFK timer for EK's, but in campaigns it is DEFINITELY needed
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    Marth reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Zone Caps   
    The best would be that only the account that owns the EK has no timer. Otherwise random players can just park in your world clogging up the limits.
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