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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Parcel Questions & house Q   
    1. yes (farm parcel is not for strongholds)
    2. no
    3. no. there is some decor in certain houses.
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!   
    randomly disconnecting people on the winning team would do it (not saying that happened)
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    Marth reacted to Jah in Trial of Cybele Extension   
    Is it that surprising that people might object to the goalposts moving?
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    Marth reacted to mandalore in Trial of Cybele Extension   
    Being able to just play for winter and still win is more than a catch up mechanic.  It’s a bad mechanic when the superior team can have a part of its faction play for 3 seasons and then as long as they go all in for winter they are all good.   
    As for the random extension, @ACE_JackalBark, whatever happened to more communication?  Context of why always helps but in the end do what’s best, 
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    Marth got a reaction from Ble in Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!   
    randomly disconnecting people on the winning team would do it (not saying that happened)
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    Marth got a reaction from Bzra in Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!   
    randomly disconnecting people on the winning team would do it (not saying that happened)
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    Marth reacted to Angelmar in Trial of Cybele Extension   
    Community rabble rousers made a significant impression when these forums went completely apepoorly made socks over 4 whole days of Godz Reach.
    ACE's take away lesson was to never have a single day break in campaigns....
    The real take away is the forums are full of bad advice and complaints from people that don't play the game.
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    Marth reacted to galvia in Trial of Cybele Extension   
    This is an important part of the equation. The thing we were missing last time when we took a break was a timeline or a goal for our testing to work on. This time around, it's clear that 5.100 isn't ready to be shipped - so we should test it and help out.
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    Marth reacted to Groovin in Trial of Cybele Extension   
    Whatever happened to having a break in God's Reach?
    Could we not just end the campaign at the original time and have a hooligan around in GR while we wait for whatever you've got planned.
    Those that are screeching and screaming for constant campaigns are gone, and I for one have been burnt out for a while. Likely other people too.
    I think it's time you reintroduced that GR break period.
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    Marth reacted to galvia in Trial of Cybele Extension   
    Seriously, with less than 10 hours left on the board with one of the hardest fought campaigns ever you pulled the rug out from under us and changed the rules.

    This would have been fine if we had a couple of days of notice (like minimum start of winter) but this changes everything in a very un-fun way.
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    Marth reacted to Phylor.the.Jester in Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!   
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    Marth got a reaction from whisky in Offer Player Merchant Stalls More Options for Item Payment   
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    Marth reacted to Kianna_RuneMaker in Thursday Q&A?   
    I just cast the first stone friend.  I am literally never late for anything and that habit was developed from years in the military.  I find it extremely disrespectful to be late regarding anything.  When you make a commitment, you maintain said commitment.  For me punctuality, being on time etc is a simple matter and a matter of integrity and it is lost on me that others don't view it so....
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    Marth reacted to Kraahk in Thursday Q&A?   
    That ~pointingabove~ is the most important word.
    Because, seriously, they provided us for years with significant news, twice a week (not so much for the last year, though. True. But times changed, back in the days any news was exciting and interesting, just because we didn't know anything at all ... and of course that changed).
    Is it possible that a Q&A video may come later?
    Of course!
    Did they ever skip one?
    No, not at all!
    So I really don't get the problem here. Are they late this week? Yes. But so what? You really think there won't be an Q&A video? Come on!
    And by the way, those who have never been late at anything within four years may cast the first stone!
    If they really choose to.
    Just saying.
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    Marth reacted to srathor in Changes with News updates   
    My issue with all of this is "feeding the information machine".

    What are you doing?

    What changes are a week out, a month out 3 months out, 6? 9? a year. Yes it will get more sketchy the longer the time but come on.

    What has been done in the last week that is exciting? Infuriating? Frustrating? The last month? What milestones were met. what was pushed off due to "reasons".

    What is the new office like? Where is the cookie Jar? What type of cookies? Who got a new computer with what specs? How are the testers testing? What are they testing on? Do they exist?
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    Marth reacted to Pann in Changes with News updates   
    Regarding the delay of the ACE Q&A for July, while we typically like to have them out within the first two weeks of the month, this one is going to happen later in the month than I originally expected due to scheduling conflicts. Most likely it will be sometime the last week of July. 
    I'm not dodging your questions and comments regarding news. DebySue and I are wrapping up our strategy for what's newsworthy vs. what should be a "deeper dive blog" (as she describes it). We'll start feeding the information machine again soon. Meanwhile, I really appreciate your patience. 
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    Marth got a reaction from Spunky in Changes with News updates   
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    Marth reacted to pamintandrei in Changes with News updates   
    I'm fine with only 1 news article every week, but its been 1 month since we actually got news about the game.The last article that actually talked about something new was "Item rewards and you",which was posted on June 11th ,exactly 1 month ago.I understand that you are working on stuff and can't share a lot but 1 month without anything new?Is this because you haven't managed to make anything in 1 month?of course not but that's what it shows. This also comes in a time where the comunity is losing trust, the last couple of months have burnt out a lot of players.
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    Marth got a reaction from Pann in Changes with News updates   
    ek centerpieces would please me most of the time ❤️
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    Marth got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Defender's advantage is too powerful at present   
    Guards are only op because of the low population. In a higher population siege guard advantage is much less. 
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    Marth reacted to SmallWaves in Your game can't handle a siege of 50-60??   
    Sadly 100% agree Ble, I've been really enjoying my time, and been trying to give the Devs as much slack as possible since I started playing a few months ago (was aware of original kickstarter, didn't end up backing because of reasons) but tonight kinda killed my high for the game. The server cap of 2500 is pretty cruel joke if it can't handle 50 people and 6 catapults.

    I find myself and my guildies (all of which bought several accounts each after our first 10 hours of play because we loved the game) being severely disappointed by the actual nature of sieges. Between the Banetree bug currently, the Siege window being at a wonk time (6pm pst, right when people are getting off work / wanting to eat dinner?) and other things Crowfall is definitely starting to seem like little more than a fantastic idea.

    Will definitely hang around and watch progress, game is stupid fun when you have those high moments but they're too far and few in-between.
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    Marth reacted to Ble in Your game can't handle a siege of 50-60??   
    There's so many abilities and interactions that dont work or are bad/have always been bad before we even get to stability of the game.  They continually show me that they do not have a grasp on the fundamentals of their game.  It's very frustrating.  I wonder how long this game can continue simply on it being a fantastic idea.
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    Marth reacted to Ble in Your game can't handle a siege of 50-60??   
    Are important things such as the ability to be logged into the game during PvP scheduled for before or after Frostweaver?  Just checkin.  I know its alot to ask.
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    Marth reacted to mystafyi in Your game can't handle a siege of 50-60??   
    I fear without input from ACE one can only assume their 'major performance upgrades' did not work as planned. If they couldn't address the issue after putting the majority of the team and some of the folks tasks to work on the 'artisan engine' then I don't think they can ever improve performance. If that is the case and the Dev team know this, I would expect them to add as much PvE content as they can and launch something, anything in order to help promote their artisan engine. 
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    Marth reacted to PopeUrban in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/3/19   
    Listen please.
    The majority of minors grant a passive.
    Passives granted by minors are, for the most part, situational/low impact and not attractive compared to class/promotion or major disc passives.
    The only reason many of these got any play in the first place was because people could take a second minor to get a slot to equip them with.
    The majority of builds require at least one, and in many cases two passives just to function, before even considering passives from disciplines.
    The majority of builds are going to take a major passive over a minor one because they're flat out better powers in most cases.
    I understand that these passives were too good compared to other options, but without them, the majority of minor disciplines as a whole are virtually unusable for a LARGE number of race/class combos. Is this your intent?
    I'm all for removing these passives, but this greatly amplifies the already problematic issue of of not enough passive slots compared to passive options equipped on the character's discs. Most core builds have two passives spoken for, if not three. People were literally spending two minor slots in order to actually fit most of these effects on to their builds. If you want minors to be low yield and situational that's fine, but at can you please free up some of our slots so we can actually utilize them alongside our class and major passives? As is we're going to see a lot of people taking stuff like elven eyes not as a considered build choice but because they literally don't have any other method to utilize all their minor slots. The third minor slot (and indeed the second minor slot) on a large number of builds is functionally locked out at this point.
    Minors and class based passives need to be made innate if you expect many races to to actually have compelling choices for what to do with their minors now, or new innate minors need to be created (for example, flat HP, crit, or other core stats) so those templates have build options.
    I'm all in favor of being spoiled for choice and having to make some tough decisions, but in the current state of the game these are not tough decisions as the obvious decision in most cases is to just skip power granting minors (the majority of minors) in favor of the much more impactful passives afforded by the base class and majors.
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