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  1. Awwww.....you mean your don't want to be a combination of Big Bird and Brave Brave Sir Robin? I agree .....it would be very nice to just get what you want with the small things like color dye. Cheers Jebs
  2. I agree we will need cosmetic diversity ... nothing I dislike more than walking into a town and looking like 50 other hopping and skipping clones. Something as simple as dyes would help a lot. In LOTRO you have the ability to apply outfits over those ugly items in your inventory. Face it not every item you craft or drop will be visually appealing with the other items in your inventory and I can't count the number of times I felt like a crazy quilt of mish-mash items. We all love to be individuals and have a signature look, hope CF will understand that need. Cheers Jebs
  3. Welcome to the community. Cheers jebs
  4. I don't mind at all, must be a teacher thing being used to answering questions. jebs
  5. Thanks Mandragon, and your right, there are times when game time dries up and my life is consumed by my work. Lucky I have time off during the summer and I am not in the classroom. I do spend a good chunk of the summer getting ready for the next school year but leaves me a good bit of time to play. I have found that some PvP really helps me step down from a harsh day. Cheers Jebs
  6. I was wondering what "tax-free" meant, thanks for the explanation. Cheers Jebs
  7. Thanks for the material progression chart. That part of the system looks rather standard and makes sense as far as item storage and transportation. I did root around through a number of the posts and haven't found much on how decay, wear and repair will work. I suspect it will have some level progression system and success system, but what will be interesting is to see how all of these elements relate and if they will be constant across the game or will those variables change with the rules of each campaign. I would guess that in the EK structures will be eternal? So not subject to the ravages of time keeping the focus in the campaign arena. Cheers jebs
  8. Hello Folks I hope that this isn’t a redundant question and if it is please kick me in the right direction. Anyone know how decay/wear will work with crafted and found objects and items. I did read the discussions on the non-permanency of gear and that makes sense as nothing should last forever. An example: We know there will be environmental changes that happen during the life of each campaign, how will time and environment effect decay on structures and items? I can see being in an extended campaign and subject to high humidity items rust and blades become pitted, will that reduce item effectiveness? If so I assume crafters can repair those items, but will repairs be subject to the ability of the crafter? So if a crafter fails, will the item be unusable, just reduced in quality, or some combination based on the magnitude of the crafting failure? I don’t feel there should be a maximum number of times an item can be repaired rather let the owner decide if they want to live with the reduction in quality. I can’t imagine a fighter wanting to keep using a long blade that has been ground down to a butter knife, but what the hell. If the item is no longer usable can it be scrapped for materials? I know it is early to get an exact answer for this end of the game and the Devs are working on the combat system that the crafting supports. However I love to craft and build as much as PvP and a clunky crafting system will shorten the game experience significantly in my opinion. Any dialogue would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Jebs
  9. Nice Work SW Are you drawing directly into Adobe or scanning sketches and work over that layer? I still am not use to sketching into my Ipad, but getting use to it quickly. Something about the drag of a pencil on a piece of paper that I love so much. It's the same with oil paints, love that linseed oil smell. I have some time this summer it might be fun to illustrate come concept ideas. Thanks for showing!! Cheers jebs
  10. Hi Never I was a duel major as an undergrad at Case Western Reserve University in the 80's. I was able to enroll at the Cleveland Institute of Art while attending CWRU. I was working on a major in Physics and 2-d design/education. I never thought it as a strange combination but it was a lot of work. I have always be a person who learns best working through a project. The connections between science, aesthetics, and design gave me a breadth of experiences that opened up a lot of doors. I spent a number of years in the corporate world but found it to be unsatisfying and didn't take me long to decide to go back to education. My first years in education were an eye opening experience and I discovered that those who write policy really have no clue what students need. Education is not a static experience and the needs of our youth changes as much as the aesthetics that define who we are as a society. I have taken it upon my self to design curriculum that emphasizes a flexible creative mindset. I like to use the visual arts to teach this mindset because I can easily turn STEM (science technology engineering and math) into STEAM where the A is the Arts. The arts or design aspect is where we provide a direction for intuitive creative discovery utilizing STEM as a tool that offers a purpose to students for what they are learning. Each year I add something new to what I offer to my students and next year it will be 3d digital design using the 3d printer. I plan to embed basic coding as part of the program using some Pi processors and make something unique and new. So students will be concerned about the visual appeal and functional quality of their projects. We are growing more and more visual oriented as a society and students need to know how to navigate using a visual voice. So in short it has been an interesting road and there is still a long way to travel. I do enjoy what I do and feel it is important for the future of our youth. Hope that help explain a little of the road I have walked. Oh...besides I like to play with mud (clay), ink, paper, and computers. Who could ask for more? Cheers Jebs
  11. Most welcome to try Adall. Cheers
  12. Woodtick


    Hello Fox I can share your trepidation about investing your cash in a game only to be let down. So far I like what I have been seeing with the folks running the show and have a good feeling this will fly. If not......it's cash and I would have wasted it someplace else. Better here than on some more junk to stuff in my house. Looking forward to meeting people in game. Cheers Jebs
  13. Hello Folks Finally I have some time to breath so I figured it was time to say hello to the Crowfall community and poke my head up from my work. I have been involved in games all my life. Everything from paper and board games through Muds, Mushes, and Muses to MMORPGs. I have play tested games from Turbine, Blizzard, EA, Lucas Arts and many others. I teach traditional and digital visual arts specializing in printing and paper media. I like to use the arts as a means of teaching people to think in a creative manner. I have been involved in technology for a good number of years. I remember Tandy TRS-80's, card readers, and 8" floppy drives. Currently I am designing curriculum to teach basic coding, product design, and prototyping using 3-printers. I am looking forward to Crowfall and meeting some like minded peers and above all having some fun. I need the down time from work to recharge my spirit. Cheers Jebidiah Woodtick
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