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  1. I did not see any disciplines that referring to Animal taming. I have played other games that was a druid discipline, It works well with druid lore and druid being so weak it has always giving them i boost in power.
  2. My play style in MMOs is always one of a crafter. this game will be no different. Count me in as a crafter.
  3. @M0rdred, and maybe others looking into guilds, give Serrated a hard look, and you might find what i found. I did a lot of research on other guilds for Crowfall, and my best fit was Serrated. It is well organized, has a plan, with great people and that list will grow. Some MMOs, guilds are not really needed, in this one it will be important for good game play. Serrated would be proud to have anyone that can help the guild and wants to have fun.
  4. Don't get me wrong, my favorite guild ever had a mix of peeps from Germany, England, East Coast, and West Coast.Peeps could play at anytime and find a group. I hope that can be repeated.
  5. The more I read about this guild, the more I like. I know it is tough to say now, I would like to know do you have many pacific time zone people that signed up. I have joined to many guilds that seem to be based on the east coast. I play late and I sem to be the only one playing.
  6. This guild looks very cool. the ideas are impressive. Maybe an old druid could find a home here.
  7. Xyzzyn

    Druid Spells

    Oops I ment Heal over time
  8. I will look into Pathfinder Online, it might be a something fun to do. I have played almost every major MMO, and now that the internet is on computers now, I will play more of them. It looks like in this game healing is not a big part of the game. I wonder what my druid will be. Enchanter?
  9. Xyzzyn

    Druid Spells

    Any heals for a druid in this game? Direct ot DOT heals? I always see them as support characters.
  10. Very nice plan for a guild. Does your guild run in any other games now. This game does not start for maybe 2 years. it would be nice to see a bit or you before that.
  11. I like the idea of a pacific time zone guild. I have been in a few guild over the many years of gaming. I never seem to get lucky with finding a west coast guild. I seem to be the guy who is the only one on after 10 pm, because I live in Cali. the rest of guild seem to live on the east coast of in europe.
  12. I will always play a druid. Almost every MMO I played a druid was my main.
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