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  1. I see this place doesn't change much. My two cents on this is that really this being an MMO described as EVE meets GOT and not Counter Strike meets GOT, If you expect fully manual aiming you have very high chances to be disappointed. Now, I like fully manual aim because I like FPS games as well. Can that be said of most MMO gamers? Maybe? Probably not? I think it leans more towards the "probably not". Therefore I think we are likely to see some type of "assist" like a degree of homing on projectile and before you take up pick forks and cry bloody murder because you cannot slinky your way 100% around the ranged classes I do not think it will be the end of the world and mechanically skilled players will still fare much better than the average player at playing ranged. I think as long as we stay away from tab targeting and target locking I am sure this game will stay "Fun" even for the good FPS players. There just might just be a point where good enough is good enough. A pyramid with a flat top if you may. At the very least wait until you all try it before stating silly things like "Man glad I didn't back much .. going to drop this game like a hot potato..." Cheers
  2. You do realize that by saying this you agree that I was initially right? Right? Or maybe not, whatever. Point made, I am going to bed. Try to be more constructive in the future, it will help the game and I think that it is what most of us here want. Edit: Including ACE
  3. I see your point. But I think it has nothing to do with sensitive people or care bears or the game not being niche anymore. It is just hard to have a constructive discussion when every two post derail or just flat out insults the OP with zero constructive feedback and I think people who actually care about trying to help making this game better are tired of constantly having to rebuke personal attacks (or jest/good fun as you like to call it) while trying to have a constructive discussion. And apparently so is ACE so I don't think there is much else to discuss here and we need to accept that it is what they want and get on with it. There will always be a place later when the game is on for trash talk and jest. Dev forums are not that place.
  4. Dude you should just get with the program. ACE want these forums for now to be about constructive feedback for the alpha stages of the game and not about what 97% of your 1185 post are made of. Don't worry once the game has launched I am certain there will be guild forums for all the "playful" interactions you so desire. In the meantime find your local primary school and go take the kids lunch money it should hold you over until the core module is ready.
  5. Wow, I'm going to have to fetch a small violin for this one. All I'm seeing is tears about not being able to bully/mock people you don't agree with on ACE official forums and try to imply this was promised to you by ACE. If you ever thought that was going to happen/fly in the long run, you are the one that needs (quite ironically) to check yo self. Just because moderation was not full on when they established the forums and probably had much bigger concerns at the time does not make it okay to do whatever you want and then take it for granted. Official forums need to be properly moderated or it just does not look professional. They did the right thing, yes they should have done so from the get go but hey, no one is perfect.
  6. Should have been this way from the get go. +1 If someone isn't prepared to pledge even five dollars to the game, I could care less about their armchair designer feedback. And even less about how they think they need to make my day by replying snide almost clever retorts in every discussion threads under the sun. Want to force entertain me against my will while I try to contribute to this games development? Pay up. The posting in here is lightweight, everyone is shaking in their boots to get their game account banned and rightly so. Try the un-official Crowfall IRC channel and make some friends there, you will come back here and think it's a refreshing hot spa massage in comparison.
  7. So we are talking about crafter skill progression here? Because no one will "find" a 99 def shield. A very skilled crafter with very rare mats will have to get very lucky to make one. And I am all for it. "Perfect" items should be very very hard to make to a point that it would be impossible to produce enough for but a few players per campaign to get a hold of.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. Now... to spend or not to spend another $300 on crowfall...
  9. What I cannot wait for is standalone Alpha access in the store. I also hope it will take in consideration the one we currently have and price adjust. Like going from Alpha 2 to Alpha 1 should be cheaper than going from Beta 1 to Alpha 1.
  10. I don't think ACE said there won't be healers. What I know they did say is that there were not going to be fire-hose healing, or healing that can overpower dps of any magnitude.
  11. So I will be able to viably, Tank, CC, Heal, Craft, DPS with my one character all at the same time? Id like to see a source for that. I dont care that archtype can be cutomizable to do what you want to do with them within thier limitations, but I am fairly certain you cannot do it all on one character. Did you not understand what I said?
  12. +1 to physical traps They should take a good minute of channeling to put in place though. I dont want a pit just apearing below my feet, bottom line is it should require skill, bait, honeypot to land otherwise it won't be fun. Edit: I totally see a prepared player digging himself a set of trapped tunnels and baiting people to chase him in.
  13. My two cents on the topic, 1) I really have hated any game where everyone could do everything. Please don't do that. 2) If there will be no healers I would like to see full fledged support archtype (Stuns, Knockbacks enemies, Mezz, Grapple allies, Repositionement skill, OOC recovery skills) 3) Having roles to fufill is great, don't take it away. Taking healing away and replacing it with crowd control doesn't change anything it's still the same result in the end. 4) I say keep a healer archtype in (tone healing down so it's balanced obviously) and add a CC archtype, then you add more depth to the game by having a CC and Healing role. The more roles there is to play the better and it's not like healers will be a must it will only be an alternative, open up different strategies.
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