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  1. Welcome to the fold kanbae. To all you other crows I just realised I never introduced myself in my first post -.- foolish move on my part. My name is Jersh and I am an avid gamer in my late twenties. I have played many games in my time with rpgs both new and old being my favorites. My MMO experience ranges from was back in the vanilla EQ days to SWG and of course a heft dose of WOW and SWTOR. My favorite was probably SWG because that game just had so much going for it. I made a living in the game as a fireworks maker... seriously... the shows I could design in that were
  2. Welcome to the fold Zethin. To all other crows - this is still a very new guild and we have plenty of room for anyone else who wishes to join. Please PM or post a reply if you would like an invite to the guild and join us for a chat on our discord server -Jersh
  3. Good afternoon fellow crows. Just wanted to put this out there - I am recruiting a set of like minded individuals that would like to explore this exciting adventure together. We are a casual guild and thus will have a healthy balance of what we will do in the game.... crafting... gathering.... building....pvp....sieges... you name it as long as we have fun doing it. We will have a Discord channel and for those without an Eternal Kingdom.... well... we will have one of those too. Here is a snippet of what I can personally offer to my Eternal Kingdom that will serve as the s
  4. So question. How are they linking our Microinvestment account and our crowfall account to be certain we get the rewards? Is it done via Email address registered or?
  5. Worked this up this evening after i saw this post. I hope it is an enjoyable read . Any feedback is welcome haha. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13738-short-story-entry-looking-too-deep/
  6. 'Some secrets should never be unearthed'. This was a thought that had been racing through my mind ever since this entire mess began. If it were not for my damned curiosity I would not currently be hiding here in the lowest boughs of a mighty elm tree. Below me countless corpses shambled below me, victims of the Hunger. Through the ghastly wounds and rent flesh an unholy blue light pulsed relentlessly, just as the army continued their march towards the civilized lands. My hand reached for my quiver, numb fingers sifting through the velvety feathered arrows to get an accurate count. Twenty
  7. I have a questions I have not seen answered yet (though it very well could have been answered) After redeeming parcels/buildings and having built your kingdom if you feel like downsizing for some reason and want to try to sell said land parcels/buildings can they be "picked up" and traded for resources or even gifted via the crowfall system or are they 'bound' to your account now?
  8. Heya. Tis Jersh-sama ^_^

    1. thenebrosity


      Awesome, Congrats and thanks for watching! :P

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