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  1. - Forum/Profile Name: Connal123 - Preferred "Crow" Name. Tayeko, Lady Tayeko. - Guild Affiliation Who is paying the most? - If you will or will not be actively participating in Campaign Worlds & PVP: Treasure? You just said my lucky word! - General Alignment Balance, happily serving Kronus but occassionally working for Maleki. She is an assassin and her loyalty lasts for as long as the payment comes in!
  2. Sorry for not posting for a long time guys Just wanted to say it is late but I am still around ))
  3. Tayeko looks at Coin and instantly chuckles "Coin, she is our friend...No shooting her feet...OR my husbands feet! I happen to like these two. They are both nice people...Now if she acts like the traitor, by all means, shoot...But not a MOMENT sooner." Tayeko sighed and took another drink.
  4. "I am glad you are enjoying your time here, tell me...Just what do you plan to do here?" she looked into the ladies eyes.
  5. "Yes, come sit with us! I am sure my king here would love some more company! He is the company sort of person. Myself? Well, I guess I like the company as well." Tayeko had a smile on her lips, a rare kind of smile. The kind of smile that had not been seen on her lips for a long time...The kind that was trusting. She turned to the waitress and nodded. "Another glass for me, the King and our new friend. Whatever she wants in terms of drink, she can have." Tayeko looked at the new girl, she seemed nice enough.
  6. "Hmm, indeed we may have some nice company...Let's see if she wants to talk." Tayeko turned around and smiled at the new lady. "My dear, want to sit with us? I don't bite..." Tayeko smiled as she looked to the Waitress and ordered herself another drink for herself, the new lady and Kieran. the advisor may have defected and might not be coming back, who knows...But that is the past and this is the present. It is time to take matters into my own hands and it is time to make Hellspires what it was made to be...A place for champions, a place for war...
  7. "You honestly think I haven't been doing this? No, I have been sensing this for a while and do you want to know why I haven't tried to stop you? It is because I enjoy a good fight. Come on Kaeari! As an assassin you and I both enjoy the heat of the battle, it is what keeps us going! But I have an offer to make you...I am allowing you, this once, to join Hellspires again and we can turn on the man that has allowed you to attack me...We can be rid of his weakness, once and for all...Do ye accept?" Tayeko grinned, she raised one blade in front of Kaeari, it wasn't an attack, so much as an offer..
  8. (( Also thinking of making a Skype group for us Roleplayers. not sure what you all think about it - just to keep in touch more actively - anyone game for it? ))
  9. Tayeko sat on a sofa on the bar, her Fae wings spread far. Her purple hair flowing down her back. Her daggers at her hip. After the betrayal of Kaeari...She had joined them again but things were still edgy. She smiled as she took a sip from her non-alcoholic drink. It still tasted like something from heaven. Or at least it did in her eyes. "Kaeari? Kieran? Who do I have as company...Anyone would do right about now, I just want company..." Tayeko called out. It got so lonely. She didn't want to fight now. she just wanted to have time to get to know people. She liked the drinking and sometim
  10. Tayeko pushed Kaeari back with her hands, her blades in hand she swinged and missed at Kaeari, this lasted several times before she attempted another attack that was a feign attack, the real attack was coming from above, where her second blade was swinging down to Kaeari's right shoulder. "You dare to think you can make my own people betray their friends? You think that this is acceptable?! Kaeari, what the hell has gotten into you!" A part of Tayeko was scared and ashamed that she hadn't foreseen this but another part was thrilled. Thrilled to see a new challenge, a new fight, a worthy fi
  11. Tayeko grins as she lunges at the Fire Elemental, slicing it in half with the help of her Demonic blood and also of some telekenetic magics that she knew. Tayeko was the Queen of Hellspires, she would not be defeated by anyone, not in her realm, not even if it was someone she considered a sister! "Think carefully, Kaeari...You are about to go down a path that will lead to your death. But if you wish to cross blades, then you will have that wish...But we do this in Hellspires fashion...This will be an honourable fight. If you wish to fight me, you will agree to an honourable fight. Just bet
  12. "You are always welcome in my kingdom. I have some spare houses, you may live in one just next to the grand tower of Hellspires. The tower is a place where we all meet for arena fights, tournaments, magical studies and other such things. You will be bathed in greatness, I can assure you of that." Tayeko said as she walked towards a bar, smiling (for context, inside the city walls, heading towards a bar, two streets from the tower)
  13. Kaeari, you staying in the guild or not? im confused. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tayeko teleported out of the way and drew her daggers, she smiled. "You dare draw your blades, in front of me? And you dare to think that you can defeat me? Well now this is a treat. I must admit I wasn't expecting a person I considered a sister to attack me but I shouldn't be surprised, once a Fae always a Fae after all...But I will have fun watching the Ishari rip you limb from limb...Ishari! Your Queen calls!" 7 soldiers came forth, all in black armour
  14. "Ahh, you don't know the Ishari, Kaeari but you are one...The Ishari are the first people who pledged loyalty to Hellspires. They are the finest of us and some of the greatest wizards, warriors and diplomats we have to offer. This palace is a part of Hellspires, in fact it is just a few streets away from the Tower that you are so used to. The palace here has all the drinks you will need. Come, let us get drunk and merry!" Tayeko smiled as she offered her hand to Kieran "Coming or are you too tired?"
  15. Tayeko grinned as she grabbed onto Kieran's arms "Of course my love, but your coming with me, my king!" she yelled as she yanked Kieran through using her incredible strength. When everyone landed, one man stood on the other side. He was a tall man in black armour, he stood at 7 foot tall (210 CM) and looked imposing. He removed his helmet and knelt, revealing that he was an Elf with long white hair. He smiled as he said "The Ishari are glad to see your arrival, my lady...And yours as well, my lord. However, who are the new ones? Uninvited guests?" the Ishari drew his sword, not pointing it
  16. Tayeko waved her hands, a portal had been opened, obviously she had mages on the other side and she just had to place it where she needed it. She looked at Kaeari and the others "Get in! Go go go!" Tayeko yelled at the top of her lungs as she waited for the others to get in, she wasn't going to go through the portal until the last person had got through, she was not going to leave anyone behind, that is not the way of Hellspires!
  17. The ropes on Tayeko burst into flames as Tayeko ripped herself free, her usual white skin had a darkish aura around it. She smiled as she turned to the Orc leader, she started walking towards this Orc, cutting down the ones in her path as she chanted. "You have no power here, servant of the dark races, to me you are nothing, poor and weak so I tell you to come back from where you came or die now." when she saw the Orc leader bringing the horn to his lips she threw her sword to his throat, stopping him quickly she smiled as she raised her sword arm out, the sword flying to its mistresses si
  18. Tayeko was being hung by the Cave Troll. She growled and tried to slice at it, hitting it but not seeming to hurt it too much. She looked to her reinforcements. "Oh good of you to show up! You! Newcomers! I don't know who you are but saving me will be a good way to guarantee a good life in Hellspires, I can guarantee it! Oi, no touching there, no! Bad monsters!" Tayeko sliced at the Cave Trolls hand while using her wings to fly. Getting out of the reach of the creature, but still trapped in rope.
  19. Tayeko started cursing and swearing, a cave troll had her...This couldn't be good...There was at least 10 orcs, a scouting party no less but the Cave Troll was the biggest problem...She could hear Kaeari, Coin, some random people that she had met before, where was Kieran? Hopefully save and not in the trouble that she was in. "I know you Orcs are barbaric creatures, but perhaps you wish to live...Holding me is a bad idea." "Shut it wretch! We are gonna use you to make a stew!" said one of the Orcs. "That will be the last thing you say...Warriors of Hellspires, your Queen summons yo
  20. The drum like sound was getting louder...In front of the group was a tunnel with 2 options, the left road or the right road...The beating sound was coming from the left road and it was becoming louder very quickly. What would our brave men and ladies take? Tayeko already had her swords ready, just in case, one does not simply walk these tunnels alone.
  21. Tayeko put away the treasure chest through a small portal that had been made in front of her. Probably she had planned this. The yells of the Orcs and Goblins had stopped. She smiled as she continued walking down the tunnels, her wings flapping every once in a while...To those who couldn't see her, the echo of her wings beating against the walls would sound like drums...Drums that were beating deep into the abyss. She was coming. (anyone tell me where the last bit of the post is a reference from ))
  22. Tayeko was already in the tunnels though she was here for her own reasons. On the side of the tunnels was a large circular room. It was quite tall, tall enough to fly in. Tayeko looked around, picking up a chest and smiling as she shook it, it ringed with metals, coins, maybe a ring or necklace as well! The perfect thing to have in a jewelry room! Tayeko started dashing down the tunnels, trying to escape from the monsters in the Tunnels. Thinking to herself "Why, oh why did I think this was a good idea?!" she smiled and kept on running!
  23. Tayeko burst into a dark laughter, walking into the Bar. She smiled and clapped her hands. "Well played, Kaeari..Wanting to introduce these people to Hellspires I hear? Well, I am sure if they can come up with good skills then I will gladly accept them. Oh and please excuse me...I am Queen Tayeko, Lady of Hellspires. I don't have much time but I am sure I will accept all the help that Hellspires can be offered." She smiled as she looked at Gwen and smiles "Aww, such a wild passionate beast...I love it!" she clapped more like a child who just found a new toy! "Well, I should be going, t
  24. Was at a window, she could see what had happened as she kept flapping her wings. She smiled, ah Kaeari. The most brutal of her followers and also the most beautiful in terms of females...Well, this would be fun to see. What was she up to? Tayeko kept herself hidden. Using the shadows to hide herself, she did not want to be found, not yet. (( I have a one week dig, will be back later! ))
  25. "I suppose so...Anyone who is willing to die for Hellspires will suffice..."
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