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  1. Well pretty short experience for me. I could fight a little before the server exploded twice. But as a EU player it was kinda hard to play, I struggled to enter in buildings xD My main concern is about the sound when 'begin' pops. I lost my ability to hear sounds from that moment. Nice ! Thank you for thinking about us. Can't wait for next week. I was glad to be finally able to play CF thought.
  2. I can't agree more and I will add that it bores the player much faster. I like the ability to choose the abilities I use but I want a decent amount which is at least 25 in order to have 12+ active abilities, 10 feels a bit low in my opinion. I want to see a gameplay depth.
  3. I would like to see all CC but a more powerful DR than other games. Because if this not the case, it will be a pain in the ass to play the game.
  4. You should see beyond the outcome of a battle. Losing do not always say you were a coward or you fought poorly. History is fulled of examples. There were Glorious defeats. Ribbons are not medals, it's a sign that tells people 'I was there'. When you see a soldier with dozen of theses, you can instantly understand that he has a solid experience, he lived things. I think it's a good idea but Ribbon shouldn't be the right visual effect to represent this.
  5. Smite is a great game, but obviously its combat system would be very tricky for a MMO with plenty of players in the same area. It's already the case in some scenarii in which the entire teams are fighting. It's why CF should reduce AoE to the maximum and Telegraphs should not be exist in CF. spell fx, are enough.
  6. I could perfectly fit in a design view. Left-handed characters could have special pro/con and right-handed ones as well. But a decorative effect is good to take too, Counter-Strike did it very well and the game is old as the internet !
  7. What a poor statement. I did quit WS for combat (mainly in the pvp perspective). And it's the most obvious reason to me. With WS, as GW2, I didn't feel that player's skill was involved enough. I won't speak again about combat reading, which was terrible. Imagine this mess x5 or x10.
  8. Sure, they can steal Assassin's Creed outfit without troubles... It's why I strongly believe it's april fool's joke
  9. Keep it if and only if you have to regen at some point. I'm sick of games in which mana barely drains.
  10. Pretty sure it's April fool !
  11. Wildstar PVP was terrible because telegraphs were overused. It was a huge mess ! But Free Aiming and AOE favor this. A simple example: telegraphs for basic attacks. Just with this the player's screen is polluted almost all the time ! Those who have played Wildstar know how bad telegraphs are in a multiplayer scenario. But in my opinion, telegraphs were not the only thing that made Wildstar's gameplay chaotic. I see at least three other things: button spamming, an inexistant synergy between spells and, and terrible game design choices about CD, amount of spells etc. Telegraphs are usel
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