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  1. Clerics don't need to be tested! You just need to have faith!
  2. So... Centaur (Legionnaire) was originally designed as the healer class but made the obvious leap to tank/dps. I know the #'s on poll are no where near a good sample size, but Centaur seems to be the least picked. I'm surprised that Guinecean has been picked so much. Anyone else getting pumped for this reveal?
  3. Looks like Stoneborn takes the cake!
  4. As listed by the current "available races" for cleric.
  5. In Shadowbane you had the a base class of "Healer". You could promote in several ways. A couple of them being: Crusader - Very defensive, used auras. Could be specced into damage from spells or weapons, but overall, had very few offensive powers. Had limited healing, but could still heal. Heavily armored. Prelate - Was more medium armor. Had more heal spells and more holy damage spells. Could not really do much with weapons but had a mace/shield. Priest - Wore medium to cloth armor. Had ridiculous backline heal spells and buffs. No real damage, no real tankiness.
  6. I'm curious on how the fantasy of a cleric will play out. There are a ton of different options they can go with, but in my mind I see a cleric doing 3 things (luckily for us there are 3 promotion classes). Healer - Utility - Damage Healer - I'm hoping more Sword & Board, front-line healer, but I'm open other things as well. Utility - Specializing in those auras/buffs, sword & board. Tankier of the 3 specs. Damage - Because everyone needs a damage option. So many ways to go with this from 2h hammers to a cloth wearing monk like guy with a staff. _____________
  7. Sycon -> Karradoc Ran was HoP for the first year or so, then jumped ship. Was with TSG/SW for a long while. Ran with Avari mostly at the end. Ardwen dragged me into it against my will.
  8. I can't remember if it is all in this thread or spread throughout multiple threads... But this topic is literally going in circles. I've read this prolonged debate at least 3-4 times in the past several weeks.
  9. I know PvE is not the main focus, but there will still be some. Will there be a diversity of monsters types and numbers to get high and low level mats? Will there be things such as raising cattle or chickens for food? Fishing? Cooking is all and good in my opinion. But what system would you like to see how we get the materials needed to do it? Also, how much of an impact do you want to see food have on a character? What buffs or regen that is different from say... alchemy?
  10. Sycon


    They've already put in a system that you can actively and passively gain skill. They could still put "labor" points in, but I highly doubt they will. It starts seeming redundant after a certain point to overlap one restrictive system over another. You can, but why? I know how I feel about the archeage labor point system. Hate it, lol. But you never know, I could be a minority of the populace.
  11. Also keep in mind how skills will increase. A lot of it will be passive as active will have diminishing returns. Which will fall back to more of what you craft, not how many times you craft it (i.e. grinding). Whether the game evolves (for crafting) something beyond mini-games or not, a mini-game may still be fun and interactive if we eliminate the constant grind which I believe CF is doing. Will it help? Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell. As far as a mini-game evolving, I'm not sure it has to. The point was made that crafting has never received the same amount love that Pv
  12. You terrible terrible cruel man. Fishing in BoF3 was the bane of all existence.
  13. Dwarf or get the hell out. Unless you have beer... then you can come in.
  14. They've talked several times already about all items being destructible and will degrade over time so a constant demand for crafted goods will be a high priority. How fast they'll degrade... well, we'll just have to wait and see.
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