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  1. With an Elken Templar on EK, the Melee Tray Pips-Counter-Icon does not disappear when not on Melee Tray (in other words, on Survival Tray you can see the Melee Tray icon on the background of the Survival Tray). Relogged with the same character, happened again. Relogged with a character neither Elken nor Templar, didn't happen. Relogged with the initial character, happened again. Relogged with an Elken of a different class, didn't happen. Relogged with a Templar of a different race, happened again. So it would seem it's a Templars exclusive issue.
  2. Is Release any closer

    If you want an answer more objective, you could make a fast list of things still to do. You can check the lists of the different aspects of the game from "What is Crowfall?" and "FAQ" web sections and you'll easily realize that, apart from fixing bugs, optimization, and balance, there are very few things that are not already ingame. So, as Mandalore said, yes, release is "closer".
  3. The old feedback thread has been closed, but the new one is locked too
  4. There was a patch this afternoon with a really small snap test. Seems we EU players can open EKs once again
  5. In addition to the already reported camera issues, it seems Champions Ultimate triggers some of that too.
  6. Cuando sale Crowfall ?

    La respuesta mas simple y rápida es que el juego saldrá cuando esté listo, y que mejor para todos que no salga antes de estar realmente listo. Dejando tópicos de lado, personalmente creo que al juego le falta menos de lo que parece. Para verlo de forma mas objetiva, lo mas facil es hacer una lista de las cosas que son imprescindibles y que aún no están en el juego. Depende de qué venga con el parche 5.8 y qué no, sabremos si el juego aun está muy verde, o si no es asi. Yo diria que, a grandes rasgos, las partes que aún no están en el juego, o que aún les faltan grandes retoques, son: Zonas de Campaña con varios continentes y zonas especializadas - Sabemos que entra en el 5.8 Campañas con inicio y final - Es el elemento principal del 5.8 Campañas que transcurren a lo largo de varias estaciones - Hemos visto ya muchas cosas relacionadas con el tema y raro seria que no estuviera ya implementado al completo en el 5.8 Recolección y Crafteo - Sobretodo falta la recolección de plantas y las recetas de cocina. Las plantas se han visto en videos hace tiempo, con que seguramente esten en el 5.8. Aun así, este es un tema que siempre se sigue retocando y rebalanceando Razas y Clases - Sabemos que, por razones de prioridades tecnológicas, el Frostweaver no entra en el 5.8 PvP Masivo - Hasta que no llegue el 5.8 y los jugadores no entren en masa a probarlo, no sabremos si el juego ha mejorado lo suficiente en este aspecto o no. Caravanas y Monturas - Poco sabemos, ya veremos qué pasa Reliquias y artefactos - Tampoco se sabe, pero no debería de suponer una gran carga de trabajo Thralls - Tampoco sabemos nada
  7. Funny thing how most of what we know about the next milestone, we got it through the "can't tell, no spoilers" answers There's a topic of the utmost importance with unanswered questions... Guinecean twerking. What's the lore behind it? Ancient courtship display? Religious ritual? Intimidation/humiliation war dance? Was superhero butt motion capture involved in the making-of? Is there any video of it?
  8. Update today?

    Pann Hope-Crusher, Destroyer of Dreams
  9. Feels like there's a lot of potential for the future. Lots of potential event triggers and/or consequences. Seasons, season conditions, weather, runegates, day/night, the sacrifice system and other possible player efforts, availability of resources,... Bringing this to a crazier point, we could see lots of in-campaign events: blizzards blocking road passes, runegates having one destination by day and a different one by night, crafting efforts to activate runegates, lightning bolts burning trees, sacrifice efforts to bring rain in a desert biome zone,...
  10. 5.6 version, or will we see the 5.7 updated world generation, different zones included?
  11. 7:30 "Crafting projects" confirmed for 5.8...
  12. That's kinda what I meant. Lore wise speaking, every different world would occupy a different physical place. Every single star would be seen at different degrees from different worlds. Obviously this would be "expensive" for something that has no impact on gameplay. Then, there's the moon. As you wrote, one possibility would be for every world to have it's own moon. Or no moon at all. Or more than a moon. Or a couple rings. Or binary suns. A tiger nebula? But, since the sun and the moon are the alleged origin of the embers and dust, I'm more inclined to think of a single huge sun and a single enormous moon, on the very edge of the universe, with the small dying worlds slowly sinking into the centered black-hole-like hunger. But then again, if there's only one common moon... Is it shattered or is it not?
  13. I have a question related to what we saw on the livestream, but it concerns more the lore part than the gameplay one. Here, we can see a moon. A fullmoon. But according to the lore about Kronos, the moon was shattered. "On the death of Gaea, when the Heavens rang with a deafening crack—a sound which echoed like the blow of hammer on anvil—those who looked to the sky could see that the Moon was shattered. And behind it, the shadow of a shadow, was the faint silhouette of Kronos the Watcher. This is the question of bards and astronomers: What happened that day? Was it he who broke the Moon? Or was he merely there to witness?" So... Is the moon shattered or is it not? (I can see a potential end-of-beta event in there) How do multiple campaigns on different dying worlds fit with a single common celestial sphere?
  14. If I understood it correctly... Unity's troubles are when procedurally generating things at more than one height at the same place. So, you can have the ground level move up or down, but can't have more than one Z working point for any single XY coordinates. I might be mistaken, but I think Unity would not know which height works with the given set of rules and which one does not. Ceilings are just the top piece of an object, and as such, they are something that appear after the world generation is already made.
  15. Dungeons could be done that way. Though this would mean single-parcel handcrafted unvariable dungeons, on a procedurally generated world. I'm not saying it wouldn't be viable, I'm not against it per se. But I do think it would cost a lot more work than adventure parcels, without the ability to "mix and match" it's parts.