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  1. Update today?

    Pann Hope-Crusher, Destroyer of Dreams
  2. Feels like there's a lot of potential for the future. Lots of potential event triggers and/or consequences. Seasons, season conditions, weather, runegates, day/night, the sacrifice system and other possible player efforts, availability of resources,... Bringing this to a crazier point, we could see lots of in-campaign events: blizzards blocking road passes, runegates having one destination by day and a different one by night, crafting efforts to activate runegates, lightning bolts burning trees, sacrifice efforts to bring rain in a desert biome zone,...
  3. 5.6 version, or will we see the 5.7 updated world generation, different zones included?
  4. 7:30 "Crafting projects" confirmed for 5.8...
  5. That's kinda what I meant. Lore wise speaking, every different world would occupy a different physical place. Every single star would be seen at different degrees from different worlds. Obviously this would be "expensive" for something that has no impact on gameplay. Then, there's the moon. As you wrote, one possibility would be for every world to have it's own moon. Or no moon at all. Or more than a moon. Or a couple rings. Or binary suns. A tiger nebula? But, since the sun and the moon are the alleged origin of the embers and dust, I'm more inclined to think of a single huge sun and a single enormous moon, on the very edge of the universe, with the small dying worlds slowly sinking into the centered black-hole-like hunger. But then again, if there's only one common moon... Is it shattered or is it not?
  6. I have a question related to what we saw on the livestream, but it concerns more the lore part than the gameplay one. Here, we can see a moon. A fullmoon. But according to the lore about Kronos, the moon was shattered. "On the death of Gaea, when the Heavens rang with a deafening crack—a sound which echoed like the blow of hammer on anvil—those who looked to the sky could see that the Moon was shattered. And behind it, the shadow of a shadow, was the faint silhouette of Kronos the Watcher. This is the question of bards and astronomers: What happened that day? Was it he who broke the Moon? Or was he merely there to witness?" So... Is the moon shattered or is it not? (I can see a potential end-of-beta event in there) How do multiple campaigns on different dying worlds fit with a single common celestial sphere?
  7. If I understood it correctly... Unity's troubles are when procedurally generating things at more than one height at the same place. So, you can have the ground level move up or down, but can't have more than one Z working point for any single XY coordinates. I might be mistaken, but I think Unity would not know which height works with the given set of rules and which one does not. Ceilings are just the top piece of an object, and as such, they are something that appear after the world generation is already made.
  8. Dungeons could be done that way. Though this would mean single-parcel handcrafted unvariable dungeons, on a procedurally generated world. I'm not saying it wouldn't be viable, I'm not against it per se. But I do think it would cost a lot more work than adventure parcels, without the ability to "mix and match" it's parts.
  9. I got stuck thinking on the whole dungeon thing. Don't know if I am mistaken at some point or if this would be viable at all, but here are my thoughts and mental turnabouts. We know you have problems when it comes to pierce the ground. More exactly, Unity has trouble handling more than one playable ground at different heights. Yet we already have an underground area currently ingame (the crypts), achieved by covering the caves with "rock objects" that generates no second playable ground. So... Would it be possible to have a full underground adventure set through that same concept? Canyons and gorges with fake ceilings? It might be possible, but it would look very odd from the outside. A huge rock of a mountain, where nothing grows and no one can climb. Ok, if it looks too odd externally, don't let anyone see that part. What about runeportals to get in and out of this small world zone fully filled with covered canyon parcels? There may still be one big bad issue. In order to fill the whole canyon roof, some of those rock objects would need to belong to two different parcels at the same time. If the objects can only be on a single parcel, that mimicked roof would have sections of open sky between parcels. But if that zones aren't really placed anywhere that could be seen externally, maybe there might even be some way to have them under a fake stone-made sky that could muffle the spaces where there are no rocks.
  10. It sounds really interesting and exciting. Nevertheless, I'd like to constructively point some of my concerns on a couple issues. As has been said before, NPCamps and it's pacification, are a nasty business. Too few enemies, and caravans become just a boring procedure. Too many enemies, and you'll always need a good team for moving resources around. Not enough danger, and gatherers won't need any combat support at all. Too much danger, and the risk/reward balance for making roads appealing goes off track. It won't be an easy thing. My other concern is that, by using only those anchors to generate roads, those roads may end up being always too straight. You get out of town, and take the road that goes straight to the stronghold. No curves anywhere to be seen. And when you get out of the stronghold, you take this other road to that next anchor point. Autorun always on. It kinda feels anti-immersive. Maybe the road generator algorithm will be complex enough to solve this, or the "road parcel set" will hold so much variations that even then roads won't feel monotonous, or maybe there will be such an abundant number of anchors (maybe new artificial anchors that aren't key POI?) that this won't happen at all... But right now it's still a potential concern. By the way, I love Anthrage's idea of bringing more depth to seasonal progression. Making use of different themes, or changing it's diorama's so that parcels may "evolve" sounds great. Maybe it could affect the usability of roads and passages. An avalanche has made the mountain passage unaviable (temporarily... or not); hunger has already pierced it's way through a canyon and now it's just an abyss of mists; the constant work on the mine ended up creating an unexpected underground mountain passage;...
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it would be easier to do it through the adventure parcels layers, implementing the same idea to each of the different building modules. Overall, I like what I see
  12. Is this a one time thing ("speak now or forever hold your peace") or will we be able to add guilds on the "Guild Showcase" at a later stage?
  13. /Agree If servers were fine and run smooth on friday, but are not this week, it would seem there are only two options. It should either be something related with content that was changed with the patch, or it could be related with some kind of interaction that didn't happen on friday.
  14. And that's how, through the Eternal Wyrm, the lunar festival made it's way to Crowfall
  15. I see what you did there... A kilted minotaurs teaser!!!