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  1. And I'm pretty sure you'll get it. Though it may be a fiery invisible pony for a while 😅 I agree with Ble. Players can understand that a game may still lack balance, have occasional bugs, or need more QoL,... But you need them to be able to actually play what you want to be the core of the game. Not just so they can have fun or for marketing, but mainly to ensure you have a good pool of testers
  2. I'd say that's the most crucial and important issue of the whole list.
  3. It could be useful for the wild time theories to know that the current Dregs campaign has 14 hours left
  4. We will be patient. That issue, plus the impact COVID-19 is having on some networks worldwide, could result in a very bad experience.
  5. Never underestimate investing points in cooking
  6. As far as we know, they are working to bring 5.11 to Test as soon as possible. Realising that it would be a good time to get it done won't change a thing, since they are already working at full speed.
  7. We've waited for a long time. I think we can handle another week of wait and the world won't fall apart. And if it does.... Eternal heroes, dying worlds
  8. We know rules in Crowfall campaigns can change easily, but never expected a special mode with staring contest
  9. In a pair of games exactly the same, one with lore, one without lore, I'd choose the one with lore. How important is lore in a scale of 1 to 10? It depends on everyone's taste
  10. I can see the answer here "Sure, easy enough. Be warned, 5.110 will be avaliable on Test in X days"
  11. I guess the first questions are mandatory... Which features have some kind of lockdown and you can't talk about them? Which ones are safe topics that you can answer us freely with no potential blowbacks?
  12. So many questions... Maybe this month's Q&A should had been postponed some days.
  13. I agree both with Todd's arguments and with the rest of the answers, so I'll try to wrap it all in a way that makes sense. Technically, water is challenging and requires lots of resources. It has a lot of gameplay potential, which is good, but it's also the cause of its cost. That's why I think that "water-related-stuff" shouldn't be developed before launch. On the other hand, some parcels just doesn't look good enough without water. And that's why I think that simple, non-functional, water should be ingame before launch. Ankle-deep, suffocating state,... Anything would do. Ther
  14. I know Todd may be a bit aquaphobic sometimes, but those creek parcels are gonna need water sooner or later. Even if it's just ankle-deep water.
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