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  1. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    In my opinion, some of the arguments pointed out do actually make sense and stand out of the "because-I-don't-like-it" ones. - When game launches, it might take a while to get access to most things. This could be easily solved with some speed training. - After some months, new players might be struggling to keep up with veteran ones. Again, can be solved gradually increasing the amount of speed training to soften that gap. - As @VIKINGNAIL said, there could be a lack of meaningful sense of progression through a campaign. I think the campaign progression sense should come from other sources such as season changes (mostly through the race for resources and the hunger threat)... which are still not implemented. Until that happens, I find it really hard to evaluate if campaigns will feel progresive enough or not. Even then, if things turn out the wrong way, there will be options to redress it, maybe sharpening seasons by adding more changes, maybe even with campaign skill trees through sacrifice. I find the system flaws can be solved. Moreover, I think getting rid of the current skill system would hit heavily on the game's persistance, having it's impact on things like EK, export/import, and economy/crafting outside of campaigns.
  2. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    I'd say you speak for nearly the whole community while whishing it
  3. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    Seems to me you are focusing the whole thing at the tactics level (which is the main focus of arenas and bgs), and neglecting the whole strategic plan. Yes, it's true. The current passive skill system makes it hard to adjust your build in a short time (or your group/guild ones), which may kinda penalize your tactics skill... But it's not a fully negative thing. It does benefit other skills like planning ahead, the capacity of adaption or diplomacy/scheming. This system lets you with choices. Do you choose for a more versatile build, easily adaptable to most situations, but hardly the best for any specific ones? Or do you go for a top build specially designed for playing specific situations, knowingly it might work more as a handicap for other moments? There will still be things you can brag about. Just not only the ones you would brag from arenas and bgs.
  4. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    This campaign progression you talk about is suposed to be achieved by other ways, not from skill training but through the seasons changes
  5. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have an "only-basic-loot" version of those sets for EKs...
  6. It would be nice, and doesn't seem hard to create. Could be as win conditions, but could also be as impactful changes on the campaign. Hold 5 sacred shrines for 7 days to summon your gods power, increasing your factions health by 25%. Sacrifice the 12 cursed relics to unleash a storm of hunger shards on the enemy stronghold. Free/Kidnap the crown heir of a neutral NPC's faction to get their alleigance. Caravans with resources will start traveling from time to time between the vassal state and it's holder. Also, it would be nice to have urban parcel sets, either a "live" city or the ruins of an old one long forgotten. And could allow enough diversity to form multiple sets: tall buildings with narrow passages, a market square in front of a main building, large avenues with walled manors, a river with only a couple brigdes splitting the town in two,...
  7. ./Dance ?

    I'd say the animation team is busy right now with the moves of every single power for every single race. So... I wouldn't expect /dance at least until every race & class is in the game
  8. Now they do specify the level of access... But pioneer's access level feels kinda weird when in comparision with the other packages Patron - Beta 3 Pioneer - Alpha 2 Adventurer - Beta 1 Could be intended, but probably it was a lapsus while typing
  9. He could... Unless this 800$ are on an european account. In that scenario he wouldn't have access to those dollars until the change is already done
  10. Guess this will finally solve the issue and those in EU with dollars on the wallet will see them converted in "crowns"
  11. Guild List Bugs

    Got a new one, it's about colours. Everything was fine... Until I changed the emblem, and it also auto changed "pattern secondary color" this green, that has nothing to do with the selected colors
  12. During the stream, we could see the Steam and Epic Games icons on the quickbar... Were these some sort of hints at future events?
  13. You could choose to focus your minor disciplines on non-combat passives, and switch active powers when there's gonna be no fight on sight
  14. Before anything... We don't know what will actually be the news, so everything should be taken lightly and just as pure theoretical speculation. Maybe it wouldn't be better, but these "confined metabuilds" (these fewer more-concept-locked archetypes), would be far easier to balance than pure freedom with lots of components involved. Anyway, keep in mind that none of this would be about character creation, character races or classes, I don't think there's gonna be any truly meaningful choices when we are talking just about disposable vessels.
  15. What about vessels with primary and secondary archetypes, similar to the original Guild Wars professions? A stalker that looks like a templar, a frostweaver with a weapon not present on the original concept art, the paradoxical dichotomy of the gifts and the many relations between fire and frost, chaos and order,... Todd getting into the office full of excitement. "I had a vision, and there were centaurs, centaurs everywhere. Centaurs with bows, centaurs with pistols, centaurs with books, with scepters, with blades and axes. We need this."