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  1. And I'm pretty sure you'll get it. Though it may be a fiery invisible pony for a while 😅 I agree with Ble. Players can understand that a game may still lack balance, have occasional bugs, or need more QoL,... But you need them to be able to actually play what you want to be the core of the game. Not just so they can have fun or for marketing, but mainly to ensure you have a good pool of testers
  2. I'd say that's the most crucial and important issue of the whole list.
  3. It could be useful for the wild time theories to know that the current Dregs campaign has 14 hours left
  4. Let's hope that free building, not-so-windowed sieges, and other missing/disappointing features are just still not available in this first iteration and will come later 😅
  5. We will be patient. That issue, plus the impact COVID-19 is having on some networks worldwide, could result in a very bad experience.
  6. Never underestimate investing points in cooking
  7. As far as we know, they are working to bring 5.11 to Test as soon as possible. Realising that it would be a good time to get it done won't change a thing, since they are already working at full speed.
  8. We've waited for a long time. I think we can handle another week of wait and the world won't fall apart. And if it does.... Eternal heroes, dying worlds
  9. We know rules in Crowfall campaigns can change easily, but never expected a special mode with staring contest
  10. In a pair of games exactly the same, one with lore, one without lore, I'd choose the one with lore. How important is lore in a scale of 1 to 10? It depends on everyone's taste
  11. I can see the answer here "Sure, easy enough. Be warned, 5.110 will be avaliable on Test in X days"
  12. I guess the first questions are mandatory... Which features have some kind of lockdown and you can't talk about them? Which ones are safe topics that you can answer us freely with no potential blowbacks?
  13. So many questions... Maybe this month's Q&A should had been postponed some days.
  14. I agree both with Todd's arguments and with the rest of the answers, so I'll try to wrap it all in a way that makes sense. Technically, water is challenging and requires lots of resources. It has a lot of gameplay potential, which is good, but it's also the cause of its cost. That's why I think that "water-related-stuff" shouldn't be developed before launch. On the other hand, some parcels just doesn't look good enough without water. And that's why I think that simple, non-functional, water should be ingame before launch. Ankle-deep, suffocating state,... Anything would do. Ther
  15. I know Todd may be a bit aquaphobic sometimes, but those creek parcels are gonna need water sooner or later. Even if it's just ankle-deep water.
  16. I think the Divine Favor system goes well with Crowfall campaigns. It leaves room to add new "cards" on the "objectives decks" in the future, or to choose preselected ones if wanted.
  17. I voted yes. Between no change until next year and a wipe, my vote was clear. Then I realise it wouldn't be a full wipe 😅 I still don't get what would be the purpose of it. New players won't ever find themselves in a situation where all vets just recieved a skills wipe. Can't see the benefits of a partial wipe over a full wipe.
  18. I'm with those who favor a full wipe. As I see it, a full wipe would work as a simulacrum of launch. It could be useful for players and guilds to test their initial progresion strategy (in table top terms, their "engine building"), and ACE could get useful data from that. A skills wipe without full wipe is a situation that won't happen after launch, and won't be useful for anything.
  19. You are mistaking posts. That one was called "What's the point of whining?"
  20. Straight from the FAQs If I'm not mistaken, "victory conditions" aren't yet ingame. The campaigns always end only after X time, no matter what happened in that world, no matter how many points a faction got or how many items the players sacrified. Victory conditions aren't applied yet... And neither are victory rewards. After all, this is still a Pre-Alpha. Jumping to less game related talk, you don't have to want to win. You can, obviously, but it's not mandatory. What should be mandatory is to do something that you personally find amusing. It can be winning, it can be
  21. Buenas @Cerus, Disidentes es un clan que proviene de otros juegos, donde ha tenido su historia, pero que lleva ya unos años en "modo slacker". Sigue habiendo contacto a diario entre los líderes del clan, pero no hay ningún proyecto oficial activo, y tenemos a los miembros jugando por libre en otras partes, repartidos en muchos otros juegos (tanto en MMOs como en otros juegos no-MMOs). Nuestra actitud con Crowfall por ahora es la de "a verlas venir" (wait & see). El modo de juego principal del clan siempre han sido los combates masivos (WvW en GW2, TESO, Warhammer Online,.
  22. I think you are squeezing too much this thread. As far as I understand, what Todd said is "We identified a potential issue, and we already have potential solutions to test. Be wary, cause we may want to redress it sooner than expected". Maybe it would be nice to add a permanent failsafe as a victory condition. "The winner will be the faction with the most points after 14 days, or the first faction to get X points" That being said, there has been a lot of statements on this thread that I just don't agree with. "No win, no fun", "Pvpers only care about winning", proposals o
  23. Ok. So, accesories are equippable items that gives stats... I think it would be nice to point similarities and differences with the other "equippable-items-that-gives-stats". Maybe something like this: Chest, Helm, Gloves, Boots - Equipment. Main item source both for visuals and primary stats, comes in leather, mail or plate. Rings, Horseshoes - Jewelry. Secondary stats, no visuals. Back, Belt, Badge - Accessories. Minor boosts on secondary stats, small items with minor visual impact.
  24. Desde mi punto de vista (lease "no tengo ni idea de las intenciones reales de la compañia"), el tema clanes está aún verde, y creo que simplemente se han implementado unos mínimos para que la gente de un mismo clan tenga alguna facilidad mas para jugar juntos. Y, es por eso, que creo que en algun momento habrá cambios importantes en el juego que tendran que ver con los clanes. Dicho esto, vamos a repasar un poco como estan las cosas actualmente... Ahora mismo no hay ninguna forma de crear clan. Es cierto, pagando en la tienda puedes hacerte con un clan, pero técnicamente lo que estás
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