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  1. there is a sub form for Suggestions here is the Link That aside I think your idea is a direction many games have gone and as a result on a massive scale eliminated the crafting economy of the game, and the player interaction of the game sure you may be interested in cool appearance armors but you can fight a war in ceremony gear. I think many of the Crowfall supporters are excited at the idea of a player crafting based economy where players can become well known for their crafted items and gear. while PvP is huge having a player base that is there crafting and building to support the war effort I feel is a huge part of what Crowfall is designed to be. Thanks for sharing your idea but historically when games balance through the crafting system nerfs it does not end well
  2. I would be curious as to how to gift a digital copy of the game, I through means of support towards this game now have 2 digital copies but the have as of yet to appear in the gifting section.
  3. Corrupted Essence is an easy going guild looking to build a player base. If you want to join, please message me.


  4. Guild Acquired I was part of the first testing waves and got bored of the basic nature of the game and have recently come back and have started to discover all the new developments I am happy to see the direction the game is going so far. That being said since I have not yet found a guild I am posting again as now there is a true game to be played, and guild service built in Guild criteria: Region: USA East Coast will usually be on in the evenings Atmosphere: Diverse, I am looking for a guild who wants to explore all aspects of the game and not just focus on one Casual/Hardcore?: While I would love to be hardcore, I am going to need to be more casual due to family and work Size: large enough to accomplish things in campaigns Play-Style: DPS...I tend to enjoy a class with pets, but i have not come across one that really does. I will probably use the Beta/alpha testing to find the play style i like, stealth and magic casters are what i tend to go towards so Commitment: I am a KS backer and Sapphire Investor Miscellaneous: I have played many many MMO's a small listing can be found bellow. I have no problem jumping into RP situations so long as they make sense in the game world. I been in progressive guilds, and I have been in more laid back ones as well. I been In RP guilds, I been in massive guilds. Now that i have a daughter though I wont have the time to be front and center but I have no problem doing what is needed to support my guild helping whenever i am able Experience: Everquest Everquest 2 World Of Warcraft (all expansions) Elder Scrolls Online Star Wars the Old Republic Age Of Conan Rift Star Wars Galaxies Arch Age Wild Star city of villains/heroes DC universe Dungeons and Dragons Online Final Fantasy XIV Ragnarok online The Secret World Skyforge Warhammer Online ARK Voice-Chat services: I am well aware how to download install and set up any voice chat service required
  5. Interesting idea... I feel that a questing system for NPC over all would need to be generated first before a similar system could be used by the player base in any official stance (I have not ran into this yet). but even in a much more open environment its a great tool if nothing else to teach new players about aspects of the game That aside who is there to stop a player base from doing this in game already? Sure you need to be a little bit creative but players could set themselves up with items of some sort to give away and provided tasks. Probably one task per player with a set reward and trackable goal. Example: "Bring me X animal hides and I will give you some piece of equal quality armor" (trade mats to a experience craftier for a slightly better piece of starting gear) The give x to get y quest type is something players could currently be doing in game already. would just take a player base that would enjoy playing the quest giver But having this feature built into manageable player made vendor like NPC would be an interesting development.
  6. yeah lets waste a stretch goal that have been over all cool with something so simple unimportant /sarcasm leave it as a suggestion and move on
  7. thought this was the suggestion box part of the forums... not the realistic expectations that make full sense to be in the game at releases section of the forums. as I see it anyone can post any idea they may dream up... maybe a few will make it into the game or perhaps an idea will trigger another idea that does be it for launch or 5 years from now So go right ahead and dream Rikhards
  8. Or a customized guild banner picked by the leader shared with the leader
  9. the question is will they have or will have a built in internal comm system so casuals and pugs can use it... if not use Skype or one of the many other free options But bubbles hell no... they are just so ugly and distracting. Not having a global chat on the other hand is good, having a local "Say" system is a must... I could be talked out of needing an in game alliance chat (be that factions or guilds) if there was another way to share major messages
  10. if you read through what has been posted they are sticking to the more risk better reward and to them they have all but come out and said the longer the world lasts is equal to larger risk they have also said that there will be maps with clear objectives to win and when they are reached their is a victor the question or the challenge becomes while you can play the short maps and finish them in a month or maybe less your rewards will not be as great as jumping into a year long large map campaign. But you will get a quicker return on investment from the shorter maps but not have access to the full range of resources... But they also said having the most costly armor and weapons may not be something you always want. So you could have even crafters taking part in the shorter maps to get resources back to their EK to make gear to sell to in other EKs Then you add in relics that you get for winning which means guilds may benefit more long term from being both successful in shorter maps as well as long. To me It sounds like they are doing quite a bit to give players a short bloody worlds and longer established worlds were we see large cities and forts built as the world progresses and everything in between were each type of world will have different strategies and not just in how to win but how to build up your EK and support alliances
  11. Well first no one small group cant, but an international guild could. But on another note even with patrols raids can still happen, that when the guild retaliates. Player part of keeping an area safe aside, you can use thralls as guards to set up around your forts/cities that your building Holding POI and building them up is how groups are going to own an area
  12. The Idea is interesting... But very hard to find a way to make it work in a MMO situation. perhaps you could see something like this as an option to try out in one of the worlds to see if players can play while under these rules. But the problem is that most players are not going to want to have to worry about escaping from prison if killed in battle. Now simply having a structure you can build as a prison where for RP reasons or what have you your army captures another player who surrenders and is then put in Prison well then it was their choice and also their choice to remain as such... But having a built in ground level feature... I think you would be more likely to push players away. But who knows maybe they will try something like it in one of their many worlds.
  13. Its an interesting Idea, go on a suicide mission with the intent to die with an inventory full of poisoned health pots...
  14. I have to agree the less you can count on the system to tell you the more you count on your team
  15. Well that's good news for me, I still ask if anyone has any creative ideas on ways combat pets could be done in this game that worked well in other games, or something brand new I know I would like to hear and who knows may help us have some good pet setups that will work i the game
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