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  1. I agree with this. The quality of wartribe gear currently being dropped is way too high and it eliminates any reason for anybody to craft weapons or armor until they can craft something better. Unless I'm missing something, this seems to be a complete no brainer issue. What is the intent of wartribe gear? The only reason I have come up with is giving a new player the chance to obtain gear so they can play the game and possibly compete. In my opinion the random armor/weapon vendor is sufficient for a new player to easily upgrade their starting gear and be able to kill mobs. What about instead of dropping gear the mobs drop weapon and armor components of varying quality and statistics. Crafters would be essential day 1 trying to make the best gear for their guild out of whatever was brought to them. PVE'ers would be essential to get the parts. Harvestors would be essential to get the dust. Crafters would probably have vendors to sell their junk gear. The quality of gear being crafted would increase relatively equally as people's trees fill out and eventually crafters will be able to craft their own components.
  2. I was disappointed that there doesn't seem to be much hope surrounding guild banks - or something of the sort.
  3. hurt

    1500 Powers?

    Heh, he might have just said it. Everyone exaggerates when talking about their job. If you ask me about my job I write tons of emails each day and answer hundreds of phone calls. If anyone were to actually look into it, I'm not sure how many pounds of emails I send but it's probably not even a ton let alone multiple tons
  4. Fair point I did not consider this.
  5. If you could build some hype around a full wipe in October, welcoming new players to come and check the game out without being helplessly behind most current players - I think that would be a good thing. Especially if they turn up the knob they talked about for passive points. Advertise it as a way to learn the game and have a plan in place for 5.11. As a new player, a full wipe looks appealing. I could see vets getting excited about it - but also I could easily see vets just taking a break for 4 months instead of completely starting over.
  6. Minor annoyance: For the first week I could not find the vendor to purchase the mount. I asked, and people kept telling me to check this one vendor near the ore vendor. I went through all of them several times. Similarly - I could never find the Runecaster disc. I moused over every disc the vendor had several times and could not find it. Finally I figured out - when I interacted with a vendor, the window opened and was all the way to the left of my screen. The entire left column of items was hidden by the bar that comes up so you can log out or select settings. I must have moved it all the way over early on and it stayed there. If the left vertical bar containing settings and map and log out icons always comes up when you open your inventory - that line should then be the far left edge of the screen whenever interacting. Someone else mentioned this also but I would love if on the character creation screen you could mouse over each race/class and it showed information.
  7. I have a templar in the campaign and I'm pretty sure it's quite useless at the fort battles. Does anyone have any suggestions for a useful character that I can bring and attempt to help out? I'm working with all war tribe gear and no upgraded vessel. Perhaps it's more important to get the better gear than try another character? What type of characters are helpful in battle for a newbie to play?
  8. I am quite new to the game, and I have read a bunch of stuff on the passive skill tree - issues and complaints and have some thoughts. I am really enjoying this system versus the old fashioned video game method of - chop a tree for 3 hours, craft 1000 bows, gain 13.7 points in skill (UO). I can't be mad that a person that has been playing since the beginning has over time unlocked more points to spend than me. I'm gaining points now, I chose to start now. People seem to want to out grind everyone - chop at trees for 12 hours and become a GM Lumberjacker. I get it - the fruits of your labor are not necessarily visible by normal standards. However - I started looking at harvesting and crafting a different way. Once my character is leveled, I can take Discs that increase my abilities. Also minor discs. Then I can make the best gear to my ability to harvest resources. I'll get some green, and maybe even some blue. Then I can go and craft a little bit better gear for harvest. Then I can go out and have a better chance of getting green and blue resources. Also additional items. All the while I'm selling stuff and buying filler items or whatever - my point is you can still grind it out and work at it. You don't gain permanent skill points by harvesting or crafting - however you do gain materials to build better tools that give you more skill points. Also while you sleep or at work you are gaining passive points to spend to progress further. Just keep harvesting, keep building better tools and gear... Maybe I'm missing something here. Every time I go our to harvest stuff, I come back with better stuff than I did the previous time.
  9. I am proud to say I was in-game when you infiltrated The Hate Crew ages ago. We were all so confused... It was epic. One guy was really disgruntled, but the rest enjoyed it I think.
  10. hurt

    Dang You Mal

    only thing I know about texas: if you are a musical group that has secured an engagement to perform, it is required that you include a violin in your accompaniment
  11. hurt

    favorite beer

    Normally High Life Light or Michelob Golden Draft Light Once in a while I'll grab a 6 pack of Red Stripe
  12. Here is some good nerd metal: Kamelot (Roy Kahn on vocals with special guest Simone Simmons from Epica) https://youtu.be/IWDALIOzXNk Symphony X - Inferno https://youtu.be/wzmZtXDI22M
  13. hurt


    Wild meeting the Blackhawks 3 years in a row now, two years in a row in the 2nd round. The Wild are a better team than they were last year... Should be a great series. I hate you Hossa and your stupid dark visor!
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