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  1. When the game is fully up I'll find my niche. Right now I just want to coordinate a couple people to team up with so I can actually run around with a huge target on my head because I'm solo. Sunday afternoons (as most of the tests are weekends) are my most available. Message me.
  2. I like to have fun. YES I like to play video games. YES, particularly with other people I hate drama ah, yeah, was a guild officer back in the day. Had my fill of that... My favorite color is blue. Hmm. I'm an artist, I like all colors. I accept Jaffinator as my God-King. Only in game. My favorite in game memories involve everything coming to a screeching halt because we were all laughing so hard. I can tell at least 4 dirty jokes and 6 clean ones. I like to play healers/ support roles. I'm old and slow but the hubs and I have trained up the oldest child to be an absolute badass in game.
  3. E-mailed and got my answer, very quickly I might add. I was gifted a package, which was the hang up. See you in the test tomorrow!
  4. I read that thread, clicked through, and it says I'm not entitled. I won my package October of '15. Ok just making sure there wasn't an answer out here somewhere that I missed.
  5. As I said, I know what group I should be in (Alpha 2 because 2015 Amber) according to this chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LCUtaFNMAuHuhLXmB3UkoIiK3vR-9eVbUTo4uOeIi8Q/edit#gid=0 And supposedly said group was playable in the last testing, but it's possible I'm a low number (actually lower group than that chart) and therefore was not actually in that test.... do we get a notice in our e-mail? or is there some other thing I should look for? I don't drop by every day, I tend to come to the forums much less often but then spend an hour or so reading everything posted since my last visit.
  6. So my taste in music is eclectic at best, plus I'm old. But I hear songs from time to time that remind me of my gaming experiences. This one came across my Pandora feed and I was stunned at how well it seemed to fit Crowfall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZk1CvsDSZc
  7. This kinda freaks me out. I got an early lead because I posted early, then a lot of other great stuff went up and I fell back. I didn't sweat it as my kids loved it and it's going to get some use. Also, I didn't spend a penny on it (no, you don't want to know how big my craft stash is.... just... no...). I checked in this morning in hopes of an honorable mention tee shirt, imagine my surprise! But then I read through and saw the numbers, it just made my stomach lurch! I've either gained a lot more friends or enemies on these forums, I have no idea which. I didn't think I'd posted enough to be noticed one way or the other. :puts on tinfoil hat:
  8. I appreciate the nod very much! After I started to fall behind I wasn't checking it daily, missed all the drama! Oh and my kids are fighting over who gets to wear it tomorrow night....
  9. My deepest apologies for disappearing, financial cliffs are ugly things. Not sure who gifted me the fiver but I appreciate it greatly! Been reading but after that first big NO I didn't bother logging in because I hadn't the cash. An even bigger apology if it was done way back and I just now realized it. I entered to costume contest, a Ranger, because that's what kind of materials I had on hand (which is obviously way too much if one can generate a whole costume...)
  10. My sob story isn't really that bad. Our family held it together through three years of unemployment. The husband had an uncle who died leaving him enough money that we didn't default on our mortgage in that time period. Husband got a good job in February! but all the things we put off or just didn't do in that three year period (little stuff, like going to the doctor, major car repairs, etc) are all piling up on us. I HAD to get my car fixed, can't get to work without it. Got an advance on my paycheck (good thing I work taking care of my MIL) and got it done, but it was still $2K. At least now my car will last several more years. Stuff like that is making life bumpy still but everything IS improving. the fact that I know I'll be able to eventually put money into and play games again is a happy thought
  11. Thanks guys I could come up with $5 sometime after payday (at the end of the month) but the whole reason I held off initially was I wanted to put more than that into it, had my eye on the $68 package....
  12. Ok, I may loose posting privileges as I haven't been able to put money into becoming an official backer. I didn't read through all of it so don't know which forums will be open to me or for how long. My apologies if I suddenly disappear. yes, I plan to become a backer, hopefully in time for a round of beta testing, but right now things are REALLY tight in my household. Like I'm on the internet because I don't want to spend gas to go to the library tight. (Internet is not optional as hubs gets work stuff at home sometimes). Was hoping I could do so later this summer but we shall see.
  13. "Oh! Mother*, my apologies for startling you. I saw your cart and thought you might be in need of assistance. I just ate but I would greatly like to warm up by your fire, if I may?". Penlowe opened her hands in a gesture of peace and nudged a rock near her feet closer to the fire to sit on. She sat slowly and held her hands toward the warmth. 'Penlowe, formerly of the Fifth Regiment, quartermasters office, headed to Breeon. you got your moving papers I presume?" roll red 5 * using this as a general honorific, not specifically familial.
  14. I was wondering why you slept outside, then I registered 'Connecticut'.... where you can sleep with the windows open That doesn't happen here, sadly. We go from heater one day to A/C the next. "Spring" just means rain along with those alternating temperatures if we are lucky (which, so far this year, we are).
  15. Penlowe listened to the rain and for anything else while she considered. If this were my cart, and it's obviously beyond repair out here far from town, I'd do what I could to make camp. The tarp that used to be on that furniture would make a good cover, along with those spokes for tent pegs.... Penlowe looked under the cart, checking for forgotten valuables, then followed the tracks back the way should had come looking for the point where they had to turn off the 'road'. her day was either going to get a lot better or a lot worse... Roll black 6
  16. UGH! of all the luck! At least my pack stayed mostly dry. Penlowe untied her cloak and unshouldered her pack and unpacked her dry boots and socks. She looked around and seeing no one, slipped off her pants and wrung them out as much as she could. She quickly put them back on and couldn't help smiling as the crow in a nearby dead tree screamed at her. "I'm sorry I've offended your sensibilities Mr. Crow. It's not like you go around naked.... oh wait you do!". She removed her cloak and wrung out the bottom half of it as well, it was only wet in patches and mostly dry above her ribs. As dry as she could get, she put her socks and boots back on. At least that part worked. Just dry feet went a long way toward warming back up after that plunge. She unpacked the rest of her bag and inspected. The paper was ruined but the ink and quill were fine. The cheeses got wet, but as they were waxed it didn't harm them any. One cracked when she slipped so she decided to eat it. She set it aside on her ruined wet paper as a plate and repacked her backpack. She put it on, grabbed her cheese and moved to a hillock of dead vegetation further from the cold mud of the bank. She ate slowly, trying to think warm thoughts, but her mood was shifting to fit her temperature. Even if i had a flint it would be too wet here to start anything. I'm going to freeze to death out here, what was I thinking undertaking this journey alone? She ate about half the cheese, wrapping the remainder as tightly in the remaining wax as she could. She stowed it in her pack then decided to trudge on. Well if I die really far from civilization maybe no one will ever find me, so my family won't have to be embarrassed by my failure, they will just think it was the Hunger in service with my regiment. She plodded down the road forcefully, as though to get as far from anyone else as possible. Roll black 6 for the next thing I come to....
  17. Penlowe considered the crossing for a moment. "It's only going to get colder and wetter". She took off her pack and sat down, removing her boots and socks and rolling her pants up as high as she could get them, just a little above her knees. Cold feet are unpleasant, but my feet will warm up much faster in dry socks and boots. She re-packed her pack with her boots inside, making sure everything was well secured. she tied her bow & quiver high on her pack. she stood up in the soft mud on the shore, tied her cloak around her waist and carefully stepped into the water. "Oh GODS THAT"S COLD!!" roll red 6 for safe crossing
  18. "Not a problem, just thought I'd ask. hope the rest of your day fares better". Penlowe tried not to cough too loudly as she fell into her marching pace again, the smell and sound of the man dwindling quickly behind her. She carried on until she started to think about food. Better start looking for a place to stop before I get really hungry. The road was once again lonely looking. roll? black 7
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