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  1. In all reality they have said pretty often in videos that 2016 Winter/Fall is release. Time is money and the longer it takes, the more money the game will cost. I'm all down for taking your time to get it right as long as it doesn't end up bleeding the well dry before the goal is actual met. Which seems to be a very common thing in Kickstarter backed games... again not to say that this will happen here. I just really hope to start seeing more actual content sooner rather then later.
  2. From my understanding the Templar is its on base Archetype and is labeled as such in the Archetypes section on the website. It is not a mixture of any classes. Which following that mentality means we currently know that for Siege we will only have 5 out of the 13 Archetypes available for testing. Which at this point in a game set to release later this year seems a bit worrisome to me. Especially because the game is so pvp focused balance is a massive ordeal. Now I don't want to come off as just being a downer, I want the game to be the best it can be. I understand taking your time to get it right... but "time is money friend" and if the a 2016 release date still holds true then time is not a resource that can be wasted. I hope that we see more Archetypes announced to be testable for Siege before its testing phase starts in march.
  3. I am excited for the Ranger but I still feel a bit worried about the overall progress the game is making. It worries me that the Ranger will potentially be the only new class added for Siege testing. If Crowfall is still expected to release this year at this rate it seems a rather lofty goal to get more all the classes in that are slated for release. I truly hope that we see more Archetype focuses sooner rather then later especially for testing purposes.
  4. I am very interested to see how this system actual works. To see an actual functional account skill tree is the only way I think we will get an accurate grasp to how this system is truly going to function Also based on the quote below you could cause some serious balance issues with this type of system. This system could make pvp a complete mess which would be crushing in a game so focused on pvp. Being able to mix and match classes seems like a great idea in concept but in almost every instance it ends up causing massive imbalances. Obviously will have to see it in action before we can see if it will be an issue.
  5. Agreed Stubbs. I think what a lot of people don't truly understand about this portion of PRE-ALPHA is "combat" testing is more like "functionality" testing. Both pre-alpha tests have been clearly about making sure things simple function. Do buttons work, are there any major player issues, is the server sending and receiving correctly, does the patcher work, authentication, etc...... Yes some actual combat testing is happening but all of that is on a very basic functionality level. Balancing and minor mechanics changes clearly are not priority right now and that makes plenty of sense... Until more of the classes are actually in and the actual functioning world has been added in some shape or form its obviously about nailing down the back-end. Come February and Siege testing I would expect much more from the overall client.
  6. I know that I enjoy watching some wealthy whale donators be horrible at testing and pvp...So excited.../sarc At least it will be a little taste of what is to come when a larger base of skilled players get to test it out. I guess its also a good sign that things are moving in the testing Alpha testing direction.
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