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  1. This sounds like an excellent resource sink for the enemy gear that you'll loot, the gear with the failed stats, and the general trash that you end up collecting.
  2. I'm not sure who is actually speaking in the videos (Jack?), but his voice in the videos is very mellow and monotone. He doesn't seem excited when the script calls for him to be, especially when he's talking about the exciting features of Crowfall in the Crowfall1 Dec6 video. As a result, the videos seem a bit dull.
  3. #store .itemdetail in crowfall.css is position:absolute on line 217 and should be position:fixed. The modal popup window appears at the top of the screen, even if the user is scrolled down the page. This means if you're at the bottom of the page, and click an item, you don't see the item details until you scroll to the top, preventing the user from buying the item. This is most apparent on the mounts page where there are multiple rows of mounts for a kickstarter backer.
  4. Obviously Necromancers have learned the trick from Beetlejuice to make the vessels smaller and easier to carry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPwGvzhUkB0
  5. The Armor FAQ says that there are only three types of armor (leather, chain, plate, and none) and the skill tree in this video showed tailoring as one of the crafting skills. Has there been any information on what tailoring actually does or what materials it uses to craft with? The tooltip showed that Tailoring skills enhanced the crafting of cloth armor (which doesn't exist?) and cloth components. Is cloth considered "leather" for the purposes of the Armor FAQ, or is the FAQ out of date?
  6. Are you going to be adding Pre-2016 Backer benefits as stretch goals or are the packages pretty locked in and you'll have to buy addons later?
  7. Not really. If we make the assumption that they already have metatag information, I can't see this having any more information than say, a piece of armor that has information like armor value, quality, materials, color, and crafter. There's no real difference between "minted coin" and "leather armor" from an database perspective except that the leather armor probably has *more* information than the minted coin. A thrall vendor might even be able to accept all "superior steel" coins (that can be melted into ingots to make superior steel swords, of course) or just "superior steel coins with a crescent and hammer", which happens to be the guild's symbol.
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