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    Corrupted Essence is always looking for so mature players, we understand that real life takes priority, but we love to play.

    We need all classes and are trying to get as big of a guild as possible.

    Myself and the guild leader are Canadian, but we welcome all.

    Join us friend,

    Reply to this message, if you wish to join us and I will get the Guild leader to invite you.


    Once a guild invite is sent, it needs to be accepted on crowfall.com - Community tab/guild tab.

    Thank You

  2. def not dissing the rat man but just not for me, would love an elkin or stoneborn duelist though!!
  3. Agree love the Duelist but not a fan of the guineas
  4. Sat 5th 09:30 EST: Skill #4 on Legionnaire shoots me into the air and off the map, have to log out to character creation screen. Same thing has happened when I make a new legionnaire character.
  5. Myself and several friends are looking for a community that will have a strong presence in both CF and Star citizen. These are the two games we are looking to spend all of our free time in and we would love to be able to do that in one community. If anyone know or any guilds/communities like this could you plz point me in their direction, thanx for your time.
  6. I can't wait to get more info for this StoneBorn. It is the class that I find the most appealing so far.
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