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  1. hey kids! finally trying to get around to getting on the game and being active in the community. i've been keeping up with the email notifications i get but am just now at a place where i can devote time to the game. excited to see what changes there are and get to know fellow players. c:
  2. Hello! So, not really new. I joined and backed when the KS first came out, played in the first test, and then life happened lol. Finally have the time to dedicate to a new game so I figured I'd come back to the one I've been waiting on! Looking forward to getting in some playtests and meeting people on here.
  3. New Ronin reporting for duty :DDD
  4. I'd be all for more realistic bow art. Don't get me wrong, I love giant badass bows with snakes or whatever (think KOA: Reckoning) but it would be nice to to be constantly wondering how my char is running with that thing. Or shooting while running.
  5. Is anyone planning on live streaming once the game comes out in full?
  6. Definitely working on it! I put in for the KS around March, but I didn't realize there was a forum, etc until recently. Decided to finally check it out lol
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