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  1. Good Afternoon, The Knight Archetype page does not appear to be functioning. Getting this error: 500 Internal Server Error Code: InternalError Message: We encountered an internal error. Please try again. RequestId: F8BAC5CDEEF3E269 HostId: 8RxWEv0isz4s7o+Vq4GqBjsRxWSEffACB/duna9/v7MgE/wevVu7xhUEuuDNXcTKsZf+5JdeT80= It appears to be the only page experiencing the issue (I tested them all). This was viewed on a Chrome Browser (same error on IE). EDIT: Works now.
  2. Copied and pasted directly from the home page: "Help us hire a QA heavy hitter to deal with the software (and peopleware) complexities of a modern MMO, wrangling external vendors and in knowing how drive to excellence in the quality of our software." Weirdest portion in bold.
  3. Hey Pann, are there plans to add/replace the badge images in the pledge page? There seems to be a progression to the badge designs and I'm curious as to what the rest could look like. Thanks.
  4. Looks like a tasty tasty crab. I like it.
  5. This may be a horrendously unpopular opinion, but I wouldn't mind it if ACE ignored a great majority of suggestions. Todd, Gordon, Tully, and the rest of ACE have a very clear vision. A vision so clear that it garnered nearly 1.8 million dollars as of the writing of this post in crowdfunding. We should let that vision come to life. Scope creep kills projects. Trying to do too much with what you have will eventually result in a stale product that tries to do a bunch of things but doesn't quite do anything well. Better to have a game that does a few things -exceptionally- then build on that than something that tries to do many things and caters to everyone's suggestions.
  6. I wholeheartedly agree. I can only imagine the direction that the early alphas go and I'm sure each batch of alphas will have clear direction/instructions from the devs. I was just using blanket statements to convey a point. It's important to follow direction and provide usable criticisms since those criticisms actually have a direct impact on the game via a near direct line to the devs. I know plenty of players who get alpha and beta keys only to "check out" the game before release without really contributing to the testing process. That's all I'm trying to dissuade by my first post.
  7. This. So much this. if you backed for alpha access, please, please, please, please TEST. Don't just play. Test random things. Test different combinations. Spin your camera 8 times then pick up an item. Every feasible combination of everything should be tested. The better we test during the alphas, the better the beta will be. the better everyone tests for the Beta, the better release will be. The quality of our criticisms during alpha will also have a MUCH LARGER IMPACT on the game than posting on the suggestion forum. What exactly feels wrong about combat? What -exactly- caused that bug? Is it repeatable? Is it unique to your settings? Is combat twitchy because of your graphics or because of lagtime with the server? is combat not twitchy enough? Will skills break entirely when paired with certain pieces of gear? Etc. etc. I definitely look forward to testing this thing during alpha 1 and wholly intend to twitch stream the entire thing. Getting off my pedestal now. Sorry about that. This is a subject I feel fairly strongly about.
  8. Apologies if I am misunderstanding something. Have you ever played Eve Online? There were options I could tick to make parts of my stats available. I had a "key" that had full view of my stats that I could then plug into 3rd party programs (EveMon, to be more precise). Part of those options were to create "limited" keys that were time sensitive and only allowed them to see what I wanted them to. For example: I check Stats, wallet info, 2 hours. It would then generate a key that I could hand out to prospective guilds who can then plug that into a viewer to see what my stats and wallet info look like. For 2 hours. Is something like this possible? Wouldn't this alleviate the concern that people would openly look other people up while still allowing everyone to monitor their stats remotely?
  9. Is there a way to do a limited and full API? For example, the full API will be the entire character "sheet" with all the info for current passives being trained, archetype, discipline, crafting recipes learned, etc... The "limited" API will only be of the current character's stats. Archetype, build, K/D ratio, etc, etc. This way this could be used as a "quick glance" for guild recruitment while still allowing the players themselves full access to monitor their stats via 3rd party applications. Basically, something very similar to Eve's API system. Edit: Words.
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