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  1. I think that given the time limited nature of the campaigns, you aren't necessarily able to accomodate two year infiltration plans. I think it's been said before, but CF will probably instead have faster betrayals and desperation gambits at the last moment of a campaign. This is probably the intrigue that CF will supply, and one that Eve cannot reproduce given its more static settings. In other words, Eve is more for the long cons where as I imagine CF will have short cons, which given the rather limited nature of resources in campaigns anyways, I figure would fit in just fine. And yeah, I guess equating politics with confidence tricks is a bit problematic, but this is MMO politics we're talking about here folks. People are practically training to be future conmen.
  2. Honestly, giving solid win conditions that you ask for is iffy in and of itself, given that the campaigns can have a variety of different win conditions that shift from campaign to campaign. There (Hopefully) probably isn't only one way to win across all the campaigns, but variations for each one, like one campaign is "hold the most land" where as another might be "Just hold this one central castle" or something.
  3. I'm guessing they'll add more aesthetic features (Like chaing the sky for example) with a cash shop or down the line expansion.
  4. It's- It's not like I wanted you to make me a game or anything, Walton-senpai!! Baka Walton-senpai!!
  5. Hmm, i figured there may be some sort of NPC tasks, akin to missions that EVE gives players where rewards would be moderate. But such tasks in Crowfall I imagine would put oneself in dangerous territory where threat of danger from other players will be higher than the threat from the environment.
  6. Although Transmog and skins are cool, I myself find that customization and large scale events would be an issue. The servers can only process so much information and appearances, and having a wide variety of different appearances would create lag for large scale events involving hundreds of people, and given that this game is marketed as a PVP game which will probably include huge battles, I would prefer substance over style here.
  7. Maybe give the zombies their own win condition, one less rewarding than survivor's victory but more rewarding than being a survivor but not completing your objective.
  8. 42 you said? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aboZctrHfK8
  9. *Side Tangent: I guess the cool thing about Archetypes being some sort of racial-class combo means you can really go wild with what powers you have. MMOs usually down-play or have no effect of how races and classes interact (e.g. GW2) or that racial passives typically are feeble at best. Here we can see racial abilities really come to the forefront and integrated into the archetype, thematically and mechanically. Otherwise, I'm all for exotic races. Give me my Lizardmen or Mindflayers!
  10. I think the Persona JRPGs are a better example of how elemental resistances come into play. Battles would often hinge or how you can manipulate enemy elemental weaknesses and strengths to win the fight. Of course, those are turn based battles which allow a certain higher degree of planning and execution. As for their place in MMOs, I think FFXI had a good example of how it can be used in a PvE setting. As for executing that in a PVP-based MMO such as Crowfall, I think it makes a huge headache for balance and party comp that would better off be not included.
  11. I think Crowfall is a retort to the fatal issue with Sandbox; stasis. J. Todd describes, from what I remember, his experience of working on Shadowbane and it's uniquely fatal flaw of peace reigning once the boundaries were set and no one wanted to rock the boat. People actively cheered when the development team wiped the servers and allowed a fresh start. Having win conditions with a fresh map forces people into competition which breeds conflict and intrigue (Things any game thrives on); wanting to broker peace here is akin to resigning to defeat. Indeed, lack of win conditions or renewal of the board can only lead to stasis. Case and point: CCP currently is implementing changes to nullsec to revamp sovereignty and address the apparent stagnation and stasis that's occurring. I, for one, welcome the limited nature of campaigns of Crowfall. Permanency is stagnation. The only one constant is change.
  12. FFXI, Planetside, Lineage II, WoW, The Matrix Online, City of Heroes, EVE, countless F2P Korean MMOs (Looking at you maple story), SWTOR, ArcheAge, ESO, Wildstar, Guild Wars 2, FFXIV I've only ever religiously played a few games. Most times I dabble for a month or two, see if I can enjoy it enough to see what endgame is like or quit and never give it a second go. Though once at endgame I'm pretty committed usually and leave once the game turns to poorly made socks or goes F2P (Looking at you SWTOR). Currently I'm playing FFXIV. Probably the most polished theme park the genre has to offer. I guess I'd call it my "Home" MMO.
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