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  1. Wow, been a long time since I've been here, come to check in and I see so much progress! Good job Artcraft! However, I have a question about skills training and the transition to Beta/Live. Will the skills being trained now roll over? Or will they all be reset?
  2. Can we use the resources from our resource parcels to offset building taxes and tariffs and such?
  3. I think it can create a whole range of scenarios, like ambushes, siege mechanics, and even counter siege mechanics with using sappers to take out siege craft/entrenched attackers.
  4. So will our Dwarven Thralls that we receive as a Kickstarter reward will "decay" after a period of time? Also, if repairing a weapon, and the maximum durability drops, could it be possible to "reforge" the equipment with materials and/or new thralls to maintain it for longer periods? I understand the concept of the items lacking permanence, yet if players are willing to farm the mats and the bill to do it, would it be harmful to allow players to choose to keep their items permanently that way?
  5. This idea I have here was inspired by the Malazan Book of the Fallen Series and their Moranth munitions. The empire you are following, the Malazans, are superior to other city states and empires because the freedom they allow their leadership to think, and because of Moranth Munitions. They have Flamers, which basically explode ina confligration of flames, then sharpers, which are like a hand grenade. Then, there are cussers, these bad mamajamas are the C-4, and can be used to knock down buildings, but are extremely volatile and mostly kill the sappers who plant them due to their volatility. I was thinking some kind of similar implementation of chemical grenades may be considered by the design team.
  6. So I've a thought/suggestion. Leatherworkers, blacksmiths, these chumps get to make all the cool armor and swords. Necromancers get to make vessels that you get to occupy, how is this not cool!? But what about Alchemy? Alchemy may need to do more than just make some terrible tasting potion that improves your health/mana. Nah, I think there should be an ability to create alchemical grenades! Grenades that shoot shrapnel in a 20 meter radius, that burst into roaring flames, that help mask allies in smoke, or suffocate enemies with poison... Or even grand concoctions that can demolish entire keep walls, and hopefully the alchemist escapes THAT blast radius. Using the alchemy table, alchemists can experiment with different ingredients to create these amazing, and sometimes unstable, concoctions to learn their recipes. So could we possibly consider an offensive alchemical concoctions for use in the campaigns??
  7. I believe a few months ago I saw a chart that broke down the rarety/quality of metals per ring. Does anyone have that lying around or can point me to where it is on the Crowfall website?
  8. Currently The Valarians plan on combining several castles/parcels to form a massive trade hub.
  9. Add me to this list. Also, any crafters who are interested in joining my sub-Guild should message me as I am making a dedicated crafting guild for the alliance I am in.
  10. 2016 Large Fort is currently Unconsumable. Just a heads up on that one guys.
  11. @jtoddcoleman How will you be implementing snapping with this system? Will we be snapping on a vert, edge or will joints be placed on each asset for snapping?
  12. That's why I threw in damage mit and Health Regen, and not Damage increases from the stack. This way, the stacks can be built up, without having perma healing going on. With Health Regen increased, it's merely about out dpsing the health regen, instead of trying to staunch a constant barrage of auto heals.
  13. Would it not be more effective for the Berserker Rage to be stacked with damage dealt, vs damage received? Each hit increasing mit and increasing health regen in combat vs. this mechanic could be a little more balanced, as the Myrm will have to continue sustained dmg to even use this ability effectively, while other players can counter by simply dodging the attacks of the Myrm until the ability times out.
  14. I've been away for a while, and haven't had a chance to really pay much attention to the past announcements on the forums/website. Has Artcraft announced when they will be selling farmland parcels on the store?
  15. You made the right decision, in my opinion, specifically because I backed Artcraft and Crowfall because I'm tired of publishers/devs pushing out crap because it is "good enough". You have my respect personally because you are being honest with us as a community.
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