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  1. Saw this coming. Achiever 60% (Top) Explorer 67% (75th%) Griefer 33% (25th%) Socializer 40% (75th%)
  2. Didn't finish in time to send it in but I figured I might as well post it since I did spend time on it. Sigil of the Cat Jesus
  3. If you notice, I never claimed that you couldn't. I only stated that some form of progression system can appeal to and be used by/for players looking to get into the role of their character more.
  4. Have disciplines related to each god specifically or the god factions (order, balance, chaos). These can provide you with god specific skills to use and train. In terms of archetype integration, many of the archetypes seem to lean towards specific gods or sets of gods in their lore. I could see a branch or branches in each tree that matches these lore pairings. Both scenarios can give players a feeling of "deity progression" and can be more than just an achievement/aesthetic reward.
  5. This just comes off as incredibly jaded. Some people value the role play aspect of a role playing game (go figure). What's more, something like this could be made significant in the meta. I could see a deity progression system being fleshed out through disciplines or within an archetype's skill tree.
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