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  1. Welcome to the forums Frozenant! Enjoy the discussions
  2. I think it was said that in order to win, Order needs to control more of the map, Chaos needs to do the same, and Balance must make sure there is no clear winner. You are right, it is hard to match up the lore with the actual win conditions. The lore is more or less about fighting or appeasing the Hunger, while the campaign will be mostly battling with the other factions.
  3. I like your topics Gilgamer. This is the way I see it: As game mechanics go, we know that every campaign world will have a set of end parameters, and that it will in fact be consumed by the Hunger. As far as lore however, I guess you could see it as Order feels that there must be a way to end the destruction of the Hunger, and they must do what they can to see it so. Even though the fight seems without hope, as the Hunger consumes every world they infect, and they have presumably finished off the All Father, the Gods of the Order faction must feel they have to keep trying. So in their
  4. Your older cat has that look in it's eyes, that kinda says... man, I can't wait until he fixes his computer on the 1st... I don't keep pets. I have foxes that wander my property, I guess they are the closest thing I have to pets.
  5. Wanderhall


    Good to hear! See you in the discussions
  6. Wanderhall


    Below is a question and answer with one of the developers from another thread. He states that some of the purchases in the past on crowfall.com have not shown up, and provides an email for support you could try to resolve the issue or ask for help. Hope you are able to get it resolved.
  7. Wanderhall


    Does the "Sapphire Bundle 2015" show in your "Backer Rewards" section? Don't worry about the "Beta Group 6 Entitlement" a lot of people have that showing, including myself.
  8. Wanderhall


    Welcome to Crowfall jakeman! I believe if you purchased through the website, the package you backed should already be linked to your account. When you log in to the website, click "Account" on the main page, and then go to "Backer Rewards". Your backer level should show there along with your alpha / beta access level. Hope that helps. Enjoy the discussions
  9. I like the idea of promoting positive forum contributions, and badges seem like a good way to do it. Plus, badges named after these crazy fun filters, love it
  10. Perhaps, those are just the tough guys and gals that don't like flavor text! Ranger: "Get out of my way" Champion: "Try it" Druid: "..." Myrmidon: "Moooo!"
  11. This gave me a good laugh, thanks! I've spent plenty of hours gathering in games, zoned out to movies, so I can relate. When I first heard about Crowfall, and began to read up on the game, I was very excited for the role of crafting. I haven't been a full time crafter since SWG. I've tried, and I like crafting a lot, but haven't had the satisfaction to do it full time since those days. Crafting was the direction I was first looking at in Crowfall, though after spending time now absorbing the discussions here, I have to say I'm excited for some combat as well. The dangerous aspect to craft
  12. Wanderhall


    Welcome Psyctooth! Glad you are here with us I've been floating around as well looking for a great new game. Here's to hoping that Crowfall will be that game for all of us!
  13. Over 100% = overtime hours? Let's see how much work we can make this Graphics Programmer accomplish!
  14. Fantastic news! Excited to hear about the $2 million "Shadow" stretch goal. I can't wait to see what else is in the pipeline, let's keep hitting these marks!
  15. Frostweaver + Greatsword I have provided you with these two words. Now, go upgrade!
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