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  1. I'm coming from mostly Guild Wars 2 (never played Wildstar) where fps does tank and the server does lag (skip to 40 secs) when two large groups are fighting (and even in some pve farm trains) and ground telegraphs were done well with aoes. Yes Crowfall is less graphics intensive but it also has destructible terrain and player made castles which will likely put more strain on the server and possibly the clients as well as CF can't just have the 'folded paper' terrain and castles to save performance. I do like Tera's combat more for small battles but I'm skeptical that it would scale up to the battles with 200+ players well. To add to this it could also be a way of balancing projectile speed as a fast moving arrow (when not shot from stealth) could have a ground telegraph and the slow moving fire ball spam from the mages could be omitted.
  2. A giant steampunk mech in the shape of a rubber ducky with a giant flame thrower mouth as a primary weapon.
  3. Same. I don't mind cute but I'm really hoping for something closer to a steampunk Yoda.
  4. Because nothing is more fun than killing a dudebro with an ankle biter.
  5. I call dibs on the Hamtaro guild! https://youtu.be/1CBzd8KrKLo
  6. My problems with only animation telegraphs: 1) Fps tanking: If the fps drops low enough animation tells are useless as by the time someone can see enough of the animation to tell what the attack is it's too late to do anything about it. This isn't a problem in smaller fights as players can just turn the settings down until they get a decent frame rate but as more and more players join a fight there comes a point where no matter how low the settings are fps will tank for that player. 2) Small avatar advantage: Some archetypes will likely be harder to read simply because their size means there is less real estate to work with when making animations (hence why I'm pulling for team gerbil right now). Character size doesn't affect ground telegraphs and they can still function at cinematic frame rates because players only have to see one frame to know to move. As for the entire floor being covered just make the 'paint' more transparent with a bright edge (like aoes in gw2) so when many are on the ground you can just move from the spots with tons of circles to the dimer areas to take less damage. If you have ideas for handling these concerns I would love to hear them. I just gravitate towards ground telegraphs as a solution for a very simple reason... Since many aoes place textures on the ground along with animations and effects I would hope using that code to place one of a few very plain art assets would be very inexpensive in terms of both developer time and money. Especially since we've already seen a version of the game with that ability.
  7. Build the game around combat that doesn't require telegraphs but give people who want it the option of using them at the cost of gimping their build... If the attack has clear animations that tell you where the attack is going to hit then placing a little circle or cone on the ground doesn't change anything about the combat other than making the attack easier to read. Readable animations are telegraphs without the ground paint.
  8. While this is a response to the telegraphing topic specifically I feel the same approach could apply to other topics such as friendly fire hence the title and apologies if someone else has already posted this idea. The basic idea is this, if there is a mechanic that lowers the skill floor of combat like telegraphs either require players take an advantage to turn on those features or give players disadvantages that turns them off. This way those players who want these features can have them while making the builds of those who opt out of them more powerful because the latter have more points to work with.
  9. We be digging under your walls and blowing your peoples up!
  10. Psy and I will ride off into the sunset before you get the chance Mr. Snail. I intend to find the most annoying cheese mod builds possible because everyone needs more calcium in their diet.
  11. Yahtzee As for the filter itself: Replace every curse with the same word (like the gw2 kitten filter) so when people see it they know it was the filter. Make it togglable with the default set to on. ??? Rule the world.
  12. The Hivemother needs a fitting avatar!
  13. Because both sides of the transaction are player based. Both the gems (cash shop currency) and the gold (in game currency) have to be put into the exchange by the players which calculates the exchange rate based on supply/demand and taxes the transactions. It basically just redistributes gold and gems more evenly between players with lots of time but little money and vice-versa while serving as a currency sink.
  14. The more you ask for realism the more I'm going to try to make the cutest chibi princess wielding the biggest possible sword to ruin everyone's immersion. Jesting aside, fair enough. I get that many people like more realism but it's just not for me. I'm jaded against it because it just always seems to clash with the game in some way with me. Off-topic. Does anyone have some pink dye and a buster sword?
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