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  1. No intention of playing unless the resource gathering gets a bit more interesting. Quite happy to join a guild to get them the recruit bonus though. Joineded
  2. Ooof, okay... Not quite at a level I can play yet. See you fellas in another couple of years. :3
  3. Now that there's a 24/7 environment, I decided to wander back over and see how things are going... While waiting for the download to finish, I started reading the release notes. Seemed like the thing to do. :3 And now I'm beginning to wonder what on EARTH you guys have been doing while I've been gone. o.O "Fixes to hippo teleports have been added." - Wait, what? Teleporting hippos? I'm sure this will make sense once I start reading round a bit more, but at the moment I'm a little bit scared to find out. Maybe it's some kind of typo? "A balance pass is still in the works for h
  4. A Frostweaver going for a 'beach' trip. There better be pink jandals footwear in the final release! https://twitter.com/UrsonaDK/status/761716421810266112
  5. Wait, what? o.O Everytime I wander over for another poke at the forums, I find posts like this - one part "I'm going to have to play the game with people like that" combined with two parts "I'm going to be in an environment where I can kill people like that"... The people who excel in ANY game are the ones willing to learn it, trying to measure their success by any other metric is an exercise in deluding yourself. You're going to be a lot easier to kill if you keep doing that...
  6. That sounds like an excuse to go watch Frozen again to me! The ice must floe!
  7. Ha! I CAN draw a Frostweaver without alcohol involved! Well, without it being involved in the image... Those bottles won't empty themselves! Still counts as not alcohol related, dammit! Original idea from a bunch of sketches I did a while back - if you can control the cold, sitting by a river will be a whole new level of fun. I should probably go look at ice reference images, figure out how to get something that actually looks like an ice patch in water.
  8. Eh, my biggest problem with that question was a fairly straightforward one - if you're at parity with your opponents, one or both of you have screwed up.
  9. THIS! I'd only played three of the games on the entire list, and had NO idea at all about any of the others - I'd not even glanced at them out of curiousity... And if anyone else was in the same boat and did the same thing as I did, I suspect those first three games in the list are going to have some very skewed results from that section.
  10. Finding the resources when they're more than just pre-seeded nodes on a map is a mini-game of sorts too! It's also what I'd love to see out of gathering. There's a reason finding diamonds in minecraft is so much bloody fun Use resources to make the tools to get the resources to make the tools, etc, etc. And having the good stuff in the places no sane individual goes could get interesting too. Course, I'm not entirely sure 'sane' is at any way applicable to most of the incipient playerbase :3 Having crafting tie into exploration could get interesting? Actually having to recognise t
  11. If the gathering mechanic is boring, I run alts. Of course, opening THAT can of worms gets some amazingly entertaining drama. There's a picture of my computer setup lying round somewhere, as an example of just what I'm talking about. I'm interested in seeing if there's actually anyone else in existence who enjoys gathering, and more interested in seeing if anyone wants a more dedicated option for it. So far, the answer is a fairly resounding NOPE. So be it, I'm not going to wail and complain. Especially when there's no information one way or the other on the whole system beyond so
  12. I'm not talking about crafting, I'm talking specifically about gathering. Your player-run economy is going to be a very shallow pool to play in if there aren't at least some thoughts about the mechanics even this early. How resources are gathered will affect how your worlds are generated, for a start. As for minigames, I'm not aiming for an interface you spend all your time in. The current suggestions is too complex, yes, but something similar that requires a few seconds of player skill on top of character skill for a boosted resource income would be appreciated by THIS gatherer at leas
  13. Ah well, back to lurking occasionally again :3 XD
  14. I should be sleeping, instead I'm typing this up, because my brain came up with it while I was trying to get to sleep, and it won't leave me alone till I write it down. >.< Everyone loves a complex combat model. Try doing the same thing for resource gathering and everyone loves to complain. Complain enough, and you get the current state of WoW resource gathering... Or you get the neutered ice harvesting Eve Online now sports - all those skills and items you can use to reduce your cycle time, but who needs em now? So, twofold objective - Keep it simple, but find ways to shoeho
  15. And they will be glorious! Walls the likes of which can only be glimpsed in your wildest dreams! Walls fit to cause attackers to die of shame, that they do not have such walls for themselves!
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