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  1. Like a player above I have a kickstarter pack I haven't unbundled yet. Mine is Ruby. I always hoped to eventually upgrade it. But my life has been in the crapper the past two years. I have unfortunately missed a lot and don't understand what is going on.
  2. I am a KickStart Ruby Patron. Cause of my Package Value I receive the KS Quarter Horse, Warhorse, and Nightmare skins as well as KS small, medium, and large fort and KS small and medium castle skins. Does having the KS package automatically give me the 2015 and future skins of these? If not how might I go about acquiring these variant skins? Might there be a 2015 Skin bundle purchase to add 2015 skins to ones current KS package? Guild Bundles; Due to my KickStarter Bundle I have already purchased the right to early reserve a guild name and create a unique guild symbol. But does the KS Ruby bundle give a guild hall building as the Guild Bundles do or would I have to purchase a bundle to get the guild hall bulding? Is the Guinea Beast pack Animal from KS the same Pack Pig in the store?
  3. First line of my post. I was trying to UPGRADE TO RUBY. That is what is in error and not certain. You have not answered or solved the original question.
  4. I tried to upgrade my Kickstarter purchase today from Sapphire to Ruby. I tried three times and got an error each time saying the transaction failed. After the first time i contacted my bank and it was rejected due to security wishing verification of such a large purchase. This was authorized with my consent to make the purchase the next time I tried to purchase. When i tried a 2nd it gave the same failed error. I figured maybe trying again on a failed page would have caused it to error again to backed out and restarted the purchase from the beginning store page. It unfortunately error again. But now when I look at my bank account it says my credit card has been credited the amount. Now I am not sure if I purchased the upgrade or not. I am also curious about after purchasing this upgrade how much the layway plan for the emerald would be. Given the now reduced upgrade price. But I can't decide till the ruby purchase goes through. Can someone please look into this and verify if the purchase went though or not? If not could I get assistance in making the purchase since i seem to be having a problem.
  5. I believe Kickstarters should have time to upgrade to a higher status. Many didn't find out about the game till the very end and didn't have time to gather much money to get the ranking they would have liked. Give Kickstarters who found out at the end some time to upgrade to a higher Kickstarter package.
  6. It won't allow me to to make a thread to ask a single question i feel is important to ask. How do I start a thread to ask my question? NO it is not covered in any FAQ nor is how to start a thread.
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