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  1. I agree, I was extremely excited, happy, and thankful to be a part of the test. I was concerned with the trend that now Alpha 2 is being invited into the pre-alpha testing. Which led me to believe that as the game gets more developed they would invite Alpha 3 and etc. I was just concerned that the promise of Alpha 1 status was developing to not mean what I thought it meant. I guess only time will tell.
  2. I am a bit confused and currently disappointed by how the pre-alpha testing appears to be working out. Maybe I am wrong or overreacting but as I understand Alpha-2 access gets you access to the second pre-alpha testing. I backed as a Sapphire patron thinking that my Alpha-1 status would last longer than a few weeks of pre-testing. Does anyone know how alpha/beta access will be carried out going forward? It seems like I could have kept my pledge level at Amber and had full access to the pre-alpha testing at this point....am I understanding correctly? I apologize if this sounds like whining but i'm a bit bummed about the extra money being spent when a huge reason I bumped up to Sapphire was the difference between Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. Thanks for your responses in advance!
  3. Hey guys, I am currently an Amber level backer and am seriously considering purchasing the layaway upgrade to Sapphire. I was just wondering, are there any additional fees for purchasing a layaway package instead of upgrading all at once? The total price of Sapphie is $525 if I am not mistaken, would it end up being higher if I paid in installments? Thanks in advance!
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