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    Truck driving, vedio games, anything invloving space and or science, living this amazing life to its fullest while i have time on this glorus planet.
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    Florida, USA

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  1. Congradulations. I hope this meens the game will be produced with higher quality grafix and not just done faster.
  2. Perfect. I want to upgrade from 500 to 1000 pledge but it will be some time before i can afford to do so. Stand by! Funding gaming habit in progress.
  3. Great news i cant wate to get the accounts linked and personally im dieing to know more about the plot system. maybe enven an estimated date till alpha one?
  4. Nice guys. Can't wait till next week when you all move into the full swing of things.
  5. @corion yea ive seen that as well. But it still dosnt say anything about how the taxing system works itself. I bleave they are still working that one out themselves and just don't have an answer yet. Thats more then likely whats happening.
  6. @illenvillen the eve skill tree is vast and its time based learning as well, you pick a skill and wate for it to finish you're cariter stats determine how fast you learn something, someone told me if you optimized you're stats in even and didn't miss a second of training time between all the different catigotorys to learn it would take you 86 real world years to learn everything. You can learn anything you want to int he game its all a matter of time some skills require others to get to a cretin level before you can pick it up its very complex but very well made as well.
  7. Good vedio. He dose ramble a bit but it dose show things on the crafting system that i have bin dieing to see.
  8. LOL i have backed half thease games and perchesed the other half after i found out to late to get there kickstarters. Sadly i think i ve put more into star citizen thenmore into star citizen then i should have but words fail how much i want to see that game come into this world. That sead i wish i had more cash to give these guys as well. Crowfall is a mmorpg resurection in so,ething nit WOOw or DND much as thouse games are good im tired of playing them i want a new interface and exp system. And theres only so much eve i can play.
  9. Would be nice to see. I found many who are hear are former SWG players just ask around you'll find some groups with many SWG members floating around.
  10. im currently playing ffxiv atm but ill give it a look thanks man.
  11. I see myself moving between the 2 frequently will want to over see my lands as i am pledged at 500 and want to see my catle often im shore. but at the same time i will be comping at the bit to get into the dieing worlds and fight for my god (im personaly hoping for a female dark god of some kind.) I Don't realy want to do to much pvp more pve but that sead i want the PvP popel comming to me for there armer. If thay fall in battle i swear it wont be becuase thay had crap geer it will be becuase thay where earnestly defeted by a supperior advisary.
  12. It is there goal that you can personalse the inside down the road. if only a poster in a smaller ship or a boble head doll. some larger ships like the 4 story 890jump are going to be lug linners in space. you will defintly want to be able to add tuches to the inside to personalize such a sexy ship.
  13. thanks guys. @zinnie i have read that post on te land parcles before but i still dont realy see how the tax free sections work. maybe im reading over it (thay are provding so much at one time) or it could also be as simple as thay just dont know themselfs at this point as thats something further down the road to work on and a side note comparied to the much larger and more important task of getting this game started. @primal thanks i know thay can be traded as well. my question is more along the lines of how thay will be applyed.
  14. My questions are to anyone who worked on SWG. Where you there from the start? I am dieing to know if you where the before the horrid combat rebuff that killed the game to me. And if so if you can give me any clue as im dieing to know will you bring that level of originality of the leveling system to this? *ps i loved the exp and level system you had before rebuff to death and miss it dearly.
  15. To zinnie. You got it man i look to be on hear quite alot as we mov to alpha one. And posibly even after. To Benaerth. Yea yea i do get tat alot you know. But I still love my name and wont change it. ! its awesome to me and 2 thoughs who missread it for the first time get a ckick outa miss reading it and doing the doble take. XD
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