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  1. I will craft. I always do. Something about making something from nothing is so very appealing.
  2. Choosing a guild is perhaps the most important part of any of these games, as the social aspect plays a huge role in differentiating grind from enjoyment (especially in a PvP world, where going solo really has limited viability). From a look around the forum here, there are lots of guilds to choose from. This is such a good thing. So, why pick Covenant of the Phoenix? I can't answer that, except to invite you to visit our forums and read our charter and take a look around. See if our guild culture is something you see yourself fitting into, growing into, and thriving in.
  3. Launch is 18 months out, but that shouldn't stop anyone from getting to know the people they're going to be spending (a lot of) their spare time with. That's one huge advantage of a multi-game guild: You can spend the time between now and Crowfall launch (or alpha or beta) getting to know people, seeing who you like (and who you don't), and being ready to play with already established friends when launch day gets here. CotP has chapters in many games. It's a great opportunity to get expand your MMO social circle now, so you can focus on expanding your Crowfall horizons when the time comes, with friends.
  4. I started with Covenant of the Phoenix about two years ago. There's a lot to be said for being able to get to know people in one game and then move to another and already have a base of friends, right from the start. I've now been with the guild spanning five live games and four in-development ones. If you're interested in a family-friendly (both in accepting younger members and in understanding real-life/family commitments trump games) group of people to share your time with, come play with us.
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