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  1. Well, the first wave of consumer ready VR headsets will be released by the end of this year and the start of next year. From that point things will really start to take off, as more and more companies jump on the VR bandwagon. What began as an unusually successful Kickstarter project is about to become a whole new industry.
  2. So, it's pretty obvious that you don't actually have any counter-arguments to the idea that Crowfall will use a variety of new interface methods, beyond the old keyboard and mouse set-up, thanks to the nature of immersive VR gaming. Indeed, you may have reduced your posts to petty insults but you can't stop VR from becoming a key part of Crowfall. Take a look around, VR is ready to take the world by storm, changing forever. Understand how VR works and how VR players will have an advantage in PVP combat, then might you see why ACE wise wise to promise VR support for Crowfall. Edit: Except, you don't understand how the HTC Vive's controllers will actually work; as I've already explained, the HTC Vive uses remove sensors in conjunction with handheld controllers to accurately measure a user's physical movement. You walk in physical world and at the same time you walk in a virtual world, provided that is stay within a set area so that the sensors can track you. It just goes to show that VR is far more advanced then you realise; many of the technological achievements you talk about as being hypothetical are actually already here and being experimented with by developers all over the world. In this manner there is most certainly the cutting-edge technology needed to allow VR players to interact with Crowfall at a competitive level.
  3. It's true; VR offers exciting new possibilities with how people play games. There are many ground-breaking VR interface methods being developed right now; including some by major electronics manufactures like Samsun and HTC, just to illustrate the serious amounts of money being put into VR research. These interfaces are all quite varied: some use motion controls, others remote sensors, a couple of companies are even looking into haptic suits. Anyway, the point is that with the rise of VR the old keyboard and mouse set-up may not be the ideal way Crowfall. The existence of Crowfall as the world's first VRMMORPG necessitates that new ways be found to play the game, to make best use of immersive VR gameplay. Fortunately, VR headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift should include proprietary interface drivers. Meaning that ACE's promised VR support for Crowfall should these new controller methods already taken into account.
  4. You should have more confidence in ACE's skill and ambition as a developer. Integrated VR support with Unity 5 is only the beginning, a strong foundation for any developer who wants to tailor their game towards an immersive VR experience. Indeed, to get VR right ACE needs to start working on VR support right alongside the rest of the game, to make sure that VR players have a complete UI that makes sense for VR. Do any less as you suggest would hobble VR support, a failure of ACE to keep their promise to the Crowfall community; fortunately, ACE cares about their reputation, they've being given VR support the full attention it deserves. Actually, Valve plans to use a series of remote sensors to track a person’s physical movement within a pre-defined space. You walk in the physical world and correspondingly your VR avatar moves in the same way. It's an interesting and one ACE will have to carefully consider, alongside other VR headsets and controller set-ups. Suffice to say, although you may not realise it yet, the old main-stay of the keyboard and mouse might not be the most popular way to play Crowfall. As the popularity of VR headsets and unique controller set-ups quickly prove to be an advantage with Crowfall as the world's first VRMMORPG.
  5. The idea is that players will be using integrated voice chat to minimise the rate of unnecessary conflict. So that unaffiliated players can quickly form groups, even with people they've never met before, instead of mindlessly attacking somebody who could turn-out to be a reliable ally. Communication is key in an MMORPG; the potential for voice chat is that it will allow better coordination amongst players at all time. No longer would players be forced to choose whether to control their avatar or type-out some text, voice chat allows players to accomplish both at the same time. Making integrated voice chat a worthwhile feature for ACE to develop, as the whole Crowfall community stands to benefit from such innovation.
  6. What's interesting is that the Oculus Rift won't even be the first to market. The HTC Vive (with Steam VR software) is set to launch by the end of this year. The two headsets are set to be rival devices; it's fortunate then that ACE plans to support both in Crowfall, since it's difficult to say which will be the dominant VR headset at this point. This is an exciting time in gaming and I'm pleased to see an ambitious game like Crowfall willing to see the possibilities that VR can provide. I backed the Kickstarter campaign because of VR support, I’m eager to see the results.
  7. The important thing is to make sure that VR support is developed right alongside the rest of Crowfall. After all, Crowfall is set the launch in 2016, after consumer ready VR headsets have had months at retail. It's essentially that ACE gets VR support right, to gain the loyalty of VR players looking to play the first VRMMORPG. Crowfall has the opportunity here to become the first in a whole new genre of RPG, all thanks to VR support.
  8. Huge development teams and seemingly unlimited budgets count for nothing when that team is badly managed. WOW may still be the MMORPG to beat but Blizzards mistakes and inefficiencies are starting to cost them dealing. Just today I read that WOW's subscription rate for this quarter is down to 7.1 million from 10 million, that's a loss of 3 million players in 90 days. So, it's really not a question of how big budget is for voice chat; if ACE can be smart about how they implement integrated voice chat then they'll improve Crowfall at a fraction of the cost while also avoiding Blizzard's mistakes.
  9. Except, as has already been in this thread, relying on third-party programs won't be enough to meet the demands of the Crowfall community. There are many situations where unnecessary violence can be avoided thanks to integrated voice chat. Such as when unaffiliated players meet in the field for the first, or even when rival guilds attempt to coordinate an attack against another group. Making sure that all players have access to the same voice chat technology will climate all these problems. So, it's a good use of resources for ACE to implement integrated voice chat within Crowfall, survival games have already gotten voice chat right it's time for MMORPGs to do the same.
  10. It's funny that you’re taking this stance now, after everything you've said against VR and the benefits it can bring to Crowfall. When by your own admission, you aren't even aware of the current state of VR technology. It gives the impression that any lip service you provide in favour of VR now will be a way for you to hobble the idea later, once you start trying to find reasons why a particular VR headset would be unsuitable for Crowfall. So, while it's fortunate you’re at last willing to concede that a free HTC Vive is a good idea I can't help but think you'd be attacking the device the moment ACE starts talking seriously ingratiating it into Crowfall.
  11. Well then, you really should have been keeping pace with what has been happening in the industry lately. I mean, to completely ignore the advances being made in VR technology right now you'd have to steer clear of virtually every gaming news site on the web. For one thing, you've missed both the announcement of the HTC Vive and the recent confirmation of the Oculus Rift's launch date. To say nothing of other more esoteric devices, like Fove (which plans to have VR and eye tracking in the same headset) or even Microsoft foray into AR with their closely guarded HoloLens prototypes. This is an awesome time to be a gamer, with consumer ready VR headsets just around the corner. VR is no longer the dream of science fiction writers alone but a cold hard technological fact, the greatest shift in mass communication since the invention of the telegraph line. Crowfall will be a part of this future, once ACE integrates VR support as promised.
  12. It's pretty obvious that you've never even laid eyes on a VR headset once in your entire life. Otherwise, you wouldn't be heavy-handed as you tried to mock the immersive power of VR gaming. The ability to experience a virtual environment with a real sense of presence is a compelling reason to support VR gaming, especially in a complex VRMMORPG like Crowfall. What I describe is not some far flung hypothetical but the reality of gaming in just a few months’ time, once consumer ready VR headsets are available for sales.
  13. Once all players are given integrated voice chat they won't be turning it off. Internet communities have had to deal with abusive users even from the earliest days of message boards. However, that doesn't mean new technology should be shunned just because a handful of people want to abuse the system at the expense of others. Rather, voice chat will provide a new way for the Crowfall community to triumph against such abuses, when all those seeking to abuse the system are themselves socially isolated and rendered powerless.
  14. You haven't made any real point so far, you've only been showing a lack of understanding as to how VR actually works. So, I don't believe you're sincere when you claim you want VR at all. You'd rather try and stall the technology at every turn; as you have shown through the posts you've made in this thread. There are already more advanced devices preparting to launch in the coming months, as fact that has already been brought to your attention before. Of course, your mistake is that you're trying to eqaute what prototypes you may have seen before to the cutting-edge technolog of consumer ready headstes like the HTC Vive and the final verion of the Oculus Rift. These new systems will resolve any issues of comfort and latency you are trying to attribute to VR technology today, allowing VR players to fight at a competative level in Crowfall.
  15. I find that unlikely, so far you've never shown any attention of taking the possibilities of VR seriously. It seems to me your still having a hard time accepting that Crowfall will have VR at all, perhaps in the belief that if you just launch a few more insults you'll stop VR from happening. The topic of this thread is really a straightforward issue, highlighting the advantages Valve's offer of a free HTC Vive could bring to ACE, as a way to reduce development costs further. Of course, apparently even the thought that ACE might be experimenting with VR is enough to get some people up in arms.
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