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  1. Playing Rust is a good way to get shot. It doesn't matter if you talk or not. I rarely did in Rust. I do more in H1Z1. I just get tired of kids screeching racial and homophobic slurs at me when I kill them or when they kill me. If this game fosters a better community than those games, then I can see in game voice chat working. Though it will still be a little off putting, if not hilarious when the minotaur charging into battle has the voice of a 12 year old. The less structured the teams in a campaign, the more useful local VOIP will be. If it's a FFA ruleset, it will be really bad to have to stop and type out anything while you're being chased. Not that I haven't done it before on numerous occasions, I have become quite proficient at typing warnings(or apologies back in EQ) to everyone around while running for my life.
  2. Two problems with multiple accounts in the same campaign. First, is whether there is a player cap in the campaign. If there are only a certain number of spots and every member of one guild is taking up multiple spots, then their team is being hindered and other players are being screwed out of a chance to experience that campaign. Second, people with a character on every team either to spy on the enemy(and take up one of their team openings) or to hedge their bets so that they "win" every campaign by having resources ready to be exported no matter who wins. It's a hooligan move either way. Multi-boxing and using bots to control other combat accounts is another matter entirely and I hope your computers catch fire if you do that. Locking each account to one character per campaign negates both of these to a degree. One guild of 20 with three accounts per person can't take up 180 spots in the campaign on their team or have 160 inactive characters on the enemy team preventing 160 enemies from joining the fight.
  3. You can always spend time in the EKs trying to trick people into giving you things or find ways to steal resources from other people.
  4. If you're a solo caster with 5 anything on you, you're screwed anyway unless you can run away. It doesn't matter if they have pets or if they're just beating the hell out of you barehanded. Making up scenarios to reaffirm an invalid point doesn't make the point any more valid.
  5. Who says casters can't have pets? If I choose a caster, I would hope that I can tame a pet. I would absolutely tame a bear or something equally large and use his size to my advantage. A fat bear in a hallway and you can't just run through and smash me. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's not a valid playstyle or that the whole game is ruined because options are available that you won't choose.
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