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  1. Yep. You have it exactly. A crosshair type target for these classes.
  2. Good system. Just get a 970 and you'll be good to go.
  3. Hey Arawulf! Love your shows bro. As a fellow warrior in Wildstar, you may have had some similar experiences with the ground aoe. There was just nowhere to go in battles where you weren't taking damage constantly. I'm hopeful based on what y'all are sayin.Thanks for the heads-up.
  4. Hey ACE! Thanks so much for making this game. I'm very excited to play it, and I think it's just the shake-up that the genre needs. It's also the first time I've backed a product in Kickstarter, so it's even more cool for me. I would like to make a recommendation when it comes to ranged combat for archer/ranger archetype characters. I know you all have been leaning in the direction of Tera, which I believe is the correct design choice. But I have also heard some mention of "telegraphs" early on in some interviews. After experiencing how ranged all-AOE attacks worked in Wildstar, I would like to suggest that you stay away from that type of implementation and stick with narrow straight line skill-shot attacks for these class types. I understand that for mage archetypes, AOE will be more common, but limiting this as much as possible for other characters will make the game more playable for all. Some of my most horrifying memories of Wildstar were PVP matches when large swaths of the map were just nonstop bombarded by AOE because every class had it, and whoever had the most spellslingers won the match or other combat engagement by default. Skill was not really a requirement. It was just all about blanketing the ground. I'd also like to recommend that movement be restricted for the most powerful abilities to be fired. Keep up the great work & Cheers!
  5. I have come back to Tera since it's free to play. When I've got nothing else to play, I'll level a toon for kicks.
  6. Here are the ones I stopped playing and why. WoW - Low end graphics and when the game was dumbed down and player choice was removed from several systems it was over for me. GW2 - Game art was cool, but the game seemed to have no point. Aion - Lots of fun. Good pvp. Some balance issues, but ultimately you needed a static group to play this game at higher levels in the pvp zones. I quit when I lost my group due to real life scheduling issues. Archeage - Combat... To me it felt like there were issues with ability activation timing and delay/queuing issues. Tera - Tera is a great game. Loads of fun. By far, for me the best combat in any MMO. I'm glad to hear that Crowfall will be looking to use a system similar to Tera's. The game unfortunately had no end game objectives of any sort, so really all you could do at cap was run instances to try to max out your weapon enchantments. SWTOR - SWTOR is a special case. This game actually would have been fine if the developers took a few different approaches in developement and early after launch. Some design choices made one side more attractive, and classes from that side even had technical gameplay advantages in a few cases.They rushed it out and didn't take the time to iterate properly on end game raiding or end game pvp, so everything about end game was a joke to me. Dealing with broken raiding and broken pvp caused me to lose interest. Wildstar - Combat. Whoever has the most spellslingers wins any combat engagement.
  7. Most likely between 10,000 and 10,300 at stock speeds. I have the same G1 970 card, a 4790K @ 4.8Ghz and my ddr3 is @ 2400 so my base system is a bit faster, and with the card at stock settings it gets about 10,600. This card overclocks pretty easily. When I set the clock speed to 1340mhz and memory speed to 7192mhz total bandwidth, it shoots up to 11,550 - 11,590 marks. Those were my highest stable settings even with a power bump. So an improvement of about 1000 marks. Unigine Heaven benchmark with the same settings comes in at 4590 with high textures and shaders. This is all 1080p.
  8. Good system. Will play any game. Most maxed out. I'd leave out the weight of the heavier machine and go with the one you were looking at.
  9. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. Loved listening to you all through the Wildstar ramp up, and still enjoying. Cheers!
  10. I believe it happens when you post certain words. There is a script running on the page that will show that error and then edit your post. For example, I tried to use the word tr0ll in a post. I saw the error and then when I checked my post, everything was fine except the word tr0ll had changed to the word player. So to me it looks like some sort of a filter system and you'll see the error when something hits a filter. Hope that helps. Let me know if that sounds like what happened in your post. Cheers!
  11. My guess is that the OP is just tr0lling... and being successful.
  12. Howdy! Couldn't leave this one alone... Intel I7 4790K @ 4.8Ghz Gigabye Z97X-UD5H-BK 16GB Avexir DDR3 RAM @2400Mhz Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 Crucial M.2 Storage for OS and main games 1 2TB Caviar Black & 1 2TB Caviar Blue Thermaltake Core Servies V51 case. Custom Water Loop including XSPC Bay Res w/ D5 2 Rads totaling 420mm (280 &140) keepin erything nice & cool
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