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  1. That guy! "Girls, hold your orgasms!" ------------ About the topic... I love transmogrification, but the looks should always remember the archetype you playing. No Raybans or modern stuff, please.
  2. Wooow they really did that? What a poorly made socksty game, lol. I'm glad i never played that crap, haha.
  3. I just don't believe we can only have a maximum of 6 char slots per account, this idea is so terribad and idiot that i really doubt they will implement that poorly made socks. Probably 6 slots and you can buy additional slots for money. That's the logical thing. Buy another account to play more characters? This is worst than pay to win. There's a lot of archetypes in this game. No, they aren't dumb like that. (Pls, someone tell me, they aren't)
  4. I hope not, at least not like in this video. MMO developers: Never copy anything from asian mmos. Asian mmos are pure poorly made socks.
  5. Why do you hate my nickname so much? Do you dislike harmonica too? Do you hate everything?? Why am I feeding this tr.oll?
  6. You're really don't know how to read, because i said Rangers could have a non-pet, lone-ranger viable playstyle for those who don't like pets, but you're so selfish you want to ruin the fun for everybody, removing them completely. You argue like a kid (trying to bash my nickname) and don't answer nobody here too. What i have to process here? "Thats where i think you are wrong" (But didn't said why) "I think ranger is more of a scout, stalker more of a hunter" (BUt didn't said why again) "And for me, having pets is IDIOTIC, period." (The angry stubborn kid attacks) Nice arguments mate. Hahaha
  7. Yes and now those stupid hipsters want to change that because their brains can't hold a complex thing such turn pet attack on/off. Let's change everything so, Templars will be evil now, Assassins will tank and Warriors will cast spells!!! LOL
  8. Because the stereotype of the class said so. Pet is not a wow thing, the ranger class is known for the bow and pet. Don't take it away from them, just make sure to create a viable spec that not relies on them so the lone rangers can play too. But not having pets is IDIOTIC, period. Stalker seems more like a ranged rogue/assassin, a scout.
  9. NOOO, GTFO with this competitive bullsh*it. MMOs will never be E-sport, just let the pvp be about sieges, world pvp, intrigues, drama, fame and etc. No rating faggotr** or competitive crap, metagame, blablabla. This will ruin the game.
  10. The bow guy with a pet is always the most popular, doesn't matter the game.
  11. Off course yes! Pet is an iconic feature of the ranger/hunter stereotype, not giving the option of having them is really stupid, it's like not allowing warriors to use swords or not allowing a paladin to use shields. Really dumb. Ok if some people want to be a lone ranger, it should have a specialization, like WoW has now (The Lonewolf which buffs his attacks to compensate the loss of the pet damage) but NOT HAVING PETS is idiotic.
  13. Divine flames only burn the evil.
  14. Bubblehearth is life! I would love that in Crowfall, hahaha.
  15. I focus like 95% on my main, i maybe create something but will get bored and come back to my main!
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