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  1. Ok then. I've always asked myself this question about character design, so I guess this question is for a concept artist: do you create a design thinking of an archetype ("I need to make a warrior") or thinking of an idea/wish ("I want to make a tall bearded guy, I will see what archetype fits him later")? I hope I made myself clear, I'm having a hard time putting words on that thought/question
  2. Sorry if that's a stupid question, but I'm a little bit confused: what is the difference with the "ask the team personal question" thread?
  3. Same thing when you are about to die: everything starts to become reddish.
  4. I'm usually asking myself that question regarding EQ & WoW.
  5. Ofc it is. For years now, games (specially MMOs) are "pre-sold" via this "beta/alpha/early access" thing. It even became a category on Steam. While for KS it's a little different (it's more like a "gift" to thanks people who pledged a certain amount & it fits the whole "help us make this game a reality"), for others it's more like an early moneygrabber (why bother waiting 4 years of devs, let's get the money now). Funny though (nothing personal mate, this is just an observation) how every times you can see a post like that on games' forum which are in EA/alpha. Usually, people do n
  6. I think you missed the point of CROWdfunding (please note the pun). The whole purpose, at the moment, is to make a game. Not profit. And sales exist to boost profit usually when the sales are low; so no point of having sales. BUT, if you really want sales, some companies do it around the project KS anniversary date.
  7. But instead, they are custard up their old game & will now release a teamfortress-like. Blizzard moves in mysterious ways.
  8. Best way imho for a KS game is to do like Mark Jacobs (Camelot Unchained): make the game "open source" when they will no longer be "in charge" (the company that created it).
  9. Lose it all I guess. But you will be able to bring back ressources you gathered during the campaign & didn't use (amount will depend on if you won or not the campaign ofc).
  10. It had. When it was first released (10 years ago), it had what I can call PvP. You had (on PvP servers ofc) open fights during questing & near major cities/dungeons/world boss, some areas also had PvP objectives, you had a honor/ranking system. Like Cynwulf said, it wasn't the best PvP (bi-faction, no "huge" objectives such as fortress etc.) but it was mixed with big PvE features (raid40, big dungeons etc.). But you are also right: now WoW does not have what I can call PvP. It's more like a side feature which really feels like set apart from the game since everything from arena to batt
  11. Yeah, let's say the growing popularity of streaming did encourage people with a huge ego.
  12. Thanks for digging that up, I had a nice laugh (I was not around when it happen'd). My god what an attention addict, that original post asking FAQ stuffs followed by some "1 post account" spam, made my day! Btw, after a little research, it appears his "community" is composed by less than 10 guys (juice community smite on google). God I didn't know my friends & I were a community.
  13. Question: what western MMO worked more than a year in Asia? My point is, why would they invest in a type a game that never worked there? Like I said in the other thread, I think this is a waste of money; Asian market is way too different to think about it now while the game is not even released in EU/US. A good example is NCSoft with Blade & Soul; unlike Aion, they waited that the game were well implemented in their country before thinking of exporting it. ACE should do the same imho.
  14. Thing is: we do NOT know what purpose the 'spoils of war' will have; we don't know what we will be able to build or craft with it. Also we do not know how are the ratio regarding this 'spoils of war' (how much stuff will we be able to take back with us from campaign, how many items will we need to build something). At this point, noone will be able to give you a proper answer, because noone knows (well, except ACE guys).
  15. +1 The difficulty lies in the mixing of those 2 aspects (PvE & PvP); only a few managed to do that (I can only think of doac & wow tbh, and mb Rift even if it's a huge wow-like).
  16. Let's be honest for a moment; western MMOs are not appreciated in Asia, neither are their MMOs in Europe/America. Despite all the effort, it just doesn't work. I strongly believe this is a waste of money.
  17. Ofc it is. PvE content (done correctly) cost a lot. That's why MMOs like SWTOR had huge budget; they had to pay writers, voice acting etc.
  18. Keep in mind the beta may not be optimized and you will maybe encounter poor performance even with a proper config.
  19. Graphism? Everything from texture resolution to showing distance (including shadows, particles etc.); anything else is CPU intensive. Few MMOs were GPU intensive (NCsoft & Funcom did use big graphics engine for example).
  20. Ask Me Anything. It's an event where a personality answer (almost) everything, like a live chat (but on reddit).
  21. Yeah okay. Basically you want Shadowbane with some EQ elements. But the main problem of what you are asking, is a problem we have for years: mixing PvE & PvP elements. Back in the days (UO, T4C, Lineage etc.), we, MMO-players, didn't have a lot of choice so we had to accept that things would be mixed together; we had to live with others despite the fact we didn't have same tastes (dungeons, open pvp, trading etc.) because we were not a lot. But today... Today is different; how many MMOs are released each year (big and even small budget)? Now, despite the fact we have way more players pla
  22. Even if they are, you need someone to dev it & patch it. Also, mods are still necessary since BOTs may always be tricked.
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