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  1. He is still a diety amongst us. Forever present, as in the past.

  2. Posting a commemorative half decade comment on your profile again. Don't know how you do it but you deserve a special forum rank xD


  3. You've been doing this FOREVER James.  Will you ever stop liking every post?  Here's a better question.  What criteria do you use to like?  Highly rated threads? Posts with no reactions?  Do you just go through the forum recent activity and like everything?  HOW DOES THIS WORK?!?

  4. I see you are still liking posts haha. Ever since 2015 xD

  5. I just realized that, by "liking" your response to Alextronic on your board, I'm the first person to give you reputation.

    I consider this a great accomplishment (assuming I'm not mistaken), seeing how much you've handed out :)

  6. You sure seem to like my posts.. lol

    What a mysterious goblin you are. :P

    1. Tumnus


      Likes every post, but posts none of his own... mysterious indeed!

  7. oh hey, fancy seeing you here. thanks for the support

  8. Checking me out as I check you out, what are the odds.

  9. I hope You're reading before liking post. :)

    1. JamesGoblin


      I believe I am reading more comments (and more carefully) than 99% of the forum folks (actually, this might be low estimate).


      On the other hand, my liking policy can be seen as somewhat liberal by some... =)

  10. He is a god among man, thou humans shall not question the will of the gods.

  11. why u like everything and dont post anything? lol

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