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  1. I just realized that, by "liking" your response to Alextronic on your board, I'm the first person to give you reputation.

    I consider this a great accomplishment (assuming I'm not mistaken), seeing how much you've handed out :)

  2. sup

  3. You sure seem to like my posts.. lol

    What a mysterious goblin you are. :P

    1. Tumnus


      Likes every post, but posts none of his own... mysterious indeed!

  4. oh hey, fancy seeing you here. thanks for the support

  5. hey

  6. Checking me out as I check you out, what are the odds.


  8. I hope You're reading before liking post. :)

    1. JamesGoblin


      I believe I am reading more comments (and more carefully) than 99% of the forum folks (actually, this might be low estimate).


      On the other hand, my liking policy can be seen as somewhat liberal by some... =)

  9. Friendly guy 5 stars!

  10. He is a god among man, thou humans shall not question the will of the gods.

  11. why u like everything and dont post anything? lol

  12. My name is Goblin, James Goblin