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    mellowmoses reacted to TullyAckland in How Do I Link My Kickstarter Pledge To Crowfall.com?   
    Hi all, 
    Lots of questions popping up asking how to merge KS pledges with crowfall.com. I've been answering them when I can but thought a sticky was in order. 
    Kickstarter doesn't provide us any information about our users for 14+ days, at which time we will begin the process in mapping pledges to our website. 
    Those that are using different e-mail addresses for each service - we will provide a method for you to link your pledge, keep an eye out for a Kickstarter Survey e-mail that will go out at that time. 
    We expect that merging of accounts to happen between 3-4 weeks from now, baring any technical blockers! 
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