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  1. DIdn't see the date on this. I'm the necromancer :/
  2. I personally hope we get away from passive skill training. but that's probably just me.
  3. The more I read about vessels and how they work the more I wish I had backed Camelot Unchained. I will still log in and give this game a fair chance, no one worry about that, your hero in templar armor will still be here. I just highly highly doubt I will enjoy the game with this vessel mechanic.
  4. Part of what I said was that I had put a lot into CF, I think I have a year of VIP, maybe more? So I'll have all those advantages for a while anyway. The point is that spirit crows and passive leveling is dumb in my opinion. I like each unique character and I loathe not being able to get ahead, like this game is gunning for.
  5. I've considered backing CU once I learned about CFs idea for the whole 'Spirit Crow' thing. But I also don't want to play a sub fee game. We'll see I guess, I already but a butt-load of money into CF.
  6. Yea, I feel like a 5v5 (or whatever number) arena would be nice, to get some competitive play in.
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