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  1. DIdn't see the date on this. I'm the necromancer :/
  2. I personally hope we get away from passive skill training. but that's probably just me.
  3. The more I read about vessels and how they work the more I wish I had backed Camelot Unchained. I will still log in and give this game a fair chance, no one worry about that, your hero in templar armor will still be here. I just highly highly doubt I will enjoy the game with this vessel mechanic.
  4. Part of what I said was that I had put a lot into CF, I think I have a year of VIP, maybe more? So I'll have all those advantages for a while anyway. The point is that spirit crows and passive leveling is dumb in my opinion. I like each unique character and I loathe not being able to get ahead, like this game is gunning for.
  5. I've considered backing CU once I learned about CFs idea for the whole 'Spirit Crow' thing. But I also don't want to play a sub fee game. We'll see I guess, I already but a butt-load of money into CF.
  6. Yea, I feel like a 5v5 (or whatever number) arena would be nice, to get some competitive play in.
  7. It would be, but I don't think much of that was the goal of these initial tests. They did say the Legio was the least played however. I doubt you'll see much other than that, though we can hope.
  8. Sommazzatore

    I'm Sold

    I agree. Thinking Dodge tank (Templar) for me. But we'll see. In some games when you block the enemies hits you stun or knock them down. That would be a cool mechanic.
  9. I think you are right though, it says in the picture up on page one, 'specialize within your character role'. To me that sounds like specializing in something you can already use. But I may just be focusing on the minutia.
  10. Not to be rude, but that isn't true. The Knight's Promo concepts have been released and there is a crossbow user, the sentinel, and another one that isn't a s/b user, can't remember what it was off the top of my head. The point being that there is plenty of crossover potential.
  11. With three promo classes I'm certain there is going to be a ranged version of the Frostweaver. Just realized someone covered that... so.. yea. Bam.
  12. Moving during animations doesn't always look bad... Being rooted to me is usually really frickin' annoying (I'll get used to it for this game).
  13. Guild wars 2 is still the bee's knees. Especially with this X-pac, lots of people getting back into it.
  14. Talking about that discipline made me think of ESO's Synergies. I really liked that aspect of the combat system and I hope they integrate something like that into the game. It made for a lot of good in-depth group builds.
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