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  1. Here are some suggestions: "I am the night" "For those whom cannot run, a Ranger is there to aide them." "Its not invisibility, we just trick your eyes into thinking it is."
  2. So our heroes are immortal, so i could easily see them using all sorts of horrible and harmful drugs. Would be interesting to have a mechanic where you can OD or get too so drunk you just die. And hope no one comes by your corpse to loot your stuff.
  3. Let me start by saying, the tools provided to drop in parcels and buildings looks seriously awesome and a lot of fun. Each EK will have a unique layout. But thats just it, only the layout will be unique? When you bring your character into the game, each parcel will look exactly the same, every fortification will look exactly the same, only with buildings in a different location. All the buildings will look exactly the same. If i have a fort in my EK, and you have a fort in your EK. I go into your EK and start walking to your fort, once i enter the forts parcel it will just like mine, may
  4. Belaz, I think the feedback idea might have some merit, but it should not be automatic. Lets say you make me a sword, I then spend a season killing poeple. I then give you back the sword, and you can then break it down and gain "feedback" in the way of either direct XP (skill ups), or maybe just a crafting buff of some sort or something. How does that sound?
  5. Then those players buddies jump you after youve fallen into their trap!
  6. There is most certainly experience in CF, just not in the same sense. You have crafting skill and you gain skill as you do things. So skill = experience. There will also be a hidden system that determines when and how you get skill ups. As for the idea of getting XP/skill ups for people using your weapons, it just doesnt make sense. If i make you a sword, and see you kill people with, it doesnt make me any better at smithing. At the very least, not any better than from watching you kill people with any other sword.
  7. What happens if you get ambushed? You would stand no chance. Like you couldnt even put up a fight. I could understand having traps and special items like bolas be inventory items, so you have to balance inventory space with consumable items like that though!
  8. A promotion class "Naturalist"
  9. So I did a basic forum search and didn't find anything like this, though forum searchs usually arnt super good. Anyway, I'm trying to upgrade my pledge, but when I go to put my CC info in, it claims I'm from Canada, and there is no option to change it. A few things: Im not from Canada Im not on a VPN that routes through Canada I don;t have any option that i know of that says im from Canada, Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Im trying to upgrade but when i go to put in my CC info it claims im from Canada, and I most certainly am not. Am I missing some kind of option somewhere?
  11. I plan to go Amber from 60 as soon as the pledging figures out im from the US and not Canada...
  12. You are the worst ranger ive ever met, I'm demoting you back to ranger!
  13. Ranger a promotion class for itself? That would be hilarious
  14. I see your points. Youd want to make it something like, you can summon (create i guess, since its ice) the weapon at any time. But its only as good as the base level gear. So its usefulness would come from when you first drop into a campaign, you are the only archetype that can be immediately armed, or when you are disarmed and need to have a weapon quickly.
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