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  1. Pumped for 5.7. Looking forward to getting in there with the new goodies.
  2. Hey everyone. Just wanted to say it's great to be aboard.
  3. This^ The conversation seemed to ignore this. The problem is that, right now, even with the VIP changes (because they aren't poorly made socks really and won't do anything to discourage multiple accounts) running multiple accounts is by faaaaaar the best way to be competitive. It's an easy way to skirt the skill system design, insure against character choices and consequences, and to be self sufficient. The two choices are - 1.) Find the mythical guild of legend loaded with players specializing in harvesting and crafting of all types willing to completely outfit their PvPers in exchange for nothing other then playing a character able to swing a sword. I've been a part of many large, well organized, guilds with dedicated crafting sections, etc. And the best you ever REALLY get, at least in a sustained manner, is "You get the mats you need and I'll do the crafting." You really won't even be able to do that in this game. Not in any timely/reliable fashion anyway. OR 2.) Buy some extra accounts to support your PvP character. It's an obvious choice and just plain bad design IMO. I'm a gold KS backer and had I known this then I probably wouldn't have backed the game. At the time I was expecting character slots, like the ones included in my pledge package. I don't know what the answer is, but there has to be a better way.
  4. Great changes in the right direction. Circumventing the skill system with multiple accounts should be discouraged in every way possible. In fact, I really wish they would go further with this. It still looks like running multiple accounts is going to be the optimum way to play, VIP or not. Keep up the good work.
  5. Would love to be a part of a guild like this for sure.
  6. Interesting. Yea, I'm definitely curious about the currency system.
  7. It looks like harvesting, on any kind of meaningful level, is going to require skill point and/or disc investments, not too mention high level crafted harvesting tools. So I don't know if that's the best option. Killing/looting and protection money are definitely fun options. Although I don't know how reliable/feasible it would be. Depends a lot on campaign rule set, length, objectives, etc. But a good option for sure. I'm sure this was addressed somewhere, but will their be campaign rewards above and beyond just what you were able to collect and export throughout the campaign? One other thought on campaign rewards is that if your playing the dregs campaigns, or campaigns with no/limited import then rewards given at the end of that campaign might not be too helpful.
  8. Although I like where your head is at, some of us just aren't that sexy
  9. How will a player focused on PvP and not interested in crafting - using all of their skill points for combat skills, etc. - be able to obtain/buy/trade/barter for the best gear and disciplines, etc?
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