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  1. Got an email that SBE is becoming active again. They have a big post about their goals and changes and stuff. Looks pretty exciting: http://shadowbaneemulator.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24939 Im most excited for the single boxing. Multiboxing killed SB IMO. Anyone gonna roll up on there when they wipe?
  2. Ah you're the type that wants a balanced instance of PvP, so of course you don't like archeage.
  3. Archeage PVP is actually some of the best. The P2W and money grabbing are the only problems with it.
  4. Just what this game needs. Some fluffy forum validation for former SB tryhards so they can justify their delusions of grandeur.
  5. I want to see how Littlefigner is going to wrap this part of his plan up. He's so devious and cunning, I love it. Also, what the hell happened to Varys?
  6. What happened to your cool "unbiased" chart?
  7. Since all these old SB bros are here, I wanted to ask some stuff. There used to be this admin who talked to me a lot on the test server. He always used a white/arctic wolf as his character model. Anyone know who that was? And Xanther, I seem to recall you played in my test guild at one point back in like 04 or 05. We fought CN a lot. I can't for the life of me remember our NL's name. Do you remember?
  8. Many modern MMO's try to be way too serious with their art style. Intense numbers of polygons and huge textures. I think it's a waste. First of all, there's no escaping that something is a video game. No matter how good your art is, you're not going to trick people into seeing more than that. Second, if you are a "hardcore" player looking for maximum performance, you turn this stuff all the way down anyway. I have always admired the art style in WoW, not because of the cartoonishness, but because it was designed for the most common computers on our desks right now. Don't get me wrong,
  9. Please keep them as-is. I don't care to look at all of these uninspired works of self-indulgent art people are tying to use to express themselves. Define yourself with other means!
  10. I am worried a lot of the Shadowbane people are expecting Shadowbane 2. It seems to be what they are saying on the Shadowbane Emulator forums. The horse's mouth says its NOT going to be Shadowbane 2. It will be best for community leaders to help adjust those expectations to avoid disappointment.
  11. Shadowbane is like a big sand box. You can build your little sand castle. If someone has the inclination, or wants your spot, they can come try and step on your sand castle. Soon, people start forming sand-alliances, and before you know it, one side of the sandbox is much larger than the others and controls all the plastic shovels, molds, and other junk. That is boring so they go inactive. The other people who arent in the alliance dont have enough to fight back, so they get bored and go inactive too.
  12. A macro is a program that does one thing over and over. If the game design requires this, then macros should be allowed. Most people would prefer to play a game that engages and challenges their strategy and critical thinking, not their patience.
  13. You Forgot JTC's (more successful) Wizard101 & Pirate101
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