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  1. First time in 5 years I forgot to update this. Happy 30th birthday to me as of February 9.
  2. Don't worry headlight you can make up your lateness in a month.
  3. I was 24 when these forums went up. I am 29 today. Is Crowfall out yet or what?
  4. For the fourth time, once again, happy birthday to me. Still not as old as as many warning points I have.
  5. Aren't you the guy who wouldn't rank his tree above r6 because he wanted it to be at the top of the port list and that "if your tree gets deranked once its getting deranked all the ways anyways."?
  6. Ben please unban me from Shadowbane facebook group.
  7. CYT you mean the world to me. Happy birthday again.
  8. Lol he's mad again. Look at that ellipses.
  9. Vietnam on launch was insane. Asians had already overrun the server. Was basically an AOE fest. Agent Orange was OP as custard and they never nerfed it. It was basically NA vs. the Asian zerg guild "Charley". The French tried to take a hold of the server originally but got wiped out. It eventually spilled over onto the Cambodia and Laos servers. Eventually all the NA was pushed off and they baned our R8 called Saigon. Server died after that.
  10. It's funny how mad VN gets when he gets put down by his betters. He's raging so hard right now keys are flying off the keyboard.
  11. If I could go back in time I would absolutely go to launch in 2003 and make a high def and high block character of some kind and be an absolute God.
  12. ahahaha you know you really got him buttraging hard when he starts his overuse of "..."
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