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  1. You've yet to make an argument and have just slang insults. You've yet to demonstrate that you understand anything that we are talking about. Can you give a definitive answer or argument on whether the world of Crowfall is flat or not?
  2. This is a personal attack and against the TOS. Once again ball earthers resort to personal attacks upon realizing they have no argument.
  3. My expertise is unquestioned as an expert in Flat Earth theory and discovering the truth of flat game worlds. ACE can not hide the truth forever. I am the man who proved that Shadowbane was flat for instance.
  4. Triangles can be flat so we'll take a point away from Spherical Crowfall Theory for lack of basic knowledge of geometry.
  5. Or do they hang on to antiquated NASA lies about ball Earth? The mini-map it is presented as a flat plane with very little curvature which is promising but I think for me to pull the trigger on buying this game I need to hear it from ACE themselves. Is Crowfall flat like the Earth we live on or is it spherical?
  6. First time in 5 years I forgot to update this. Happy 30th birthday to me as of February 9.
  7. Don't worry headlight you can make up your lateness in a month.
  8. I was 24 when these forums went up. I am 29 today. Is Crowfall out yet or what?
  9. For the fourth time, once again, happy birthday to me. Still not as old as as many warning points I have.
  10. Aren't you the guy who wouldn't rank his tree above r6 because he wanted it to be at the top of the port list and that "if your tree gets deranked once its getting deranked all the ways anyways."?
  11. CoC is guild of Nigerian nationals seeking important business deals across cRowfall for important international matters. prince abdujaleen is leader of guild. all inquiries please to go nigerianprinceAF@hotmail.com with social security and id for check of background
  12. Still looking for qualified flat earthers who want to make part time.money as callgirls.
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