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  1. CoC is guild of Nigerian nationals seeking important business deals across cRowfall for important international matters. prince abdujaleen is leader of guild. all inquiries please to go nigerianprinceAF@hotmail.com with social security and id for check of background

  2. Callgirls of Chutulu is looking for qualified gentleman for our cause. Our motto and rally cry is "Strength through Virginity!" For us, our virginity is a choice. It is not because of our parental living arrangements, unfortunate fitness, or questionable hygiene. Nay! It is through our celibacy we gain strength! We do not succumb to the carnal lusts of lesser men. Due to this we have found ourselves to be able to pour much more energy into competitive gaming than our competition. With greatness, of course, comes great self-sacrifice and we have made the ultimate sacrifice through OUR CHOICE of being virgins. We hold ourselves to very strict standards which we have turned into a handy acronym:







    Because of our vows of celibacy, which I must again stress are completely voluntary and have nothing to do with appearance or Autism, and our strict following of F.E.D.O.R.A. we have found ourselves to be in the top 99th percentile of every game we have tackled. Join Callgirls of Chutulu today!

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