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Everything posted by checkyotrack

  1. Were basically mixing a player base who's average age is 35 with a player base who's average age is 12.
  2. You're some sort of special.
  3. I saw a gross picture of your stomach.
  4. No one ever said we didn't need professional help.... Can't wait to see your crap burn.
  5. I can't find my Fatboy sig. 2 bil and gone
  6. You know boy here in Alabama the only one allowed to be with my sister is me.
  7. Another big difference between Shadowbane and Wiz 101 is that almost the entire Shadowbane community knows each other on some level or another. Its like a small town MMO.
  8. Emuoators are all you gonna get, dude. Especially since the Chinese own the name.
  9. There will be no finding our way together. Were gonna burn all your stuff, take all your loot and that'll be that.
  10. No. Having spies is part of the fun.
  11. If I can't hit max level in two hours of macroing and eating hot pockets I'm gonna be disappointed.
  12. If you didn't experience incest in Shadowbane you weren't doing it right.
  13. You mean you don't want to spend $40 to make up for your lack of skill?
  14. This how we roll in SB. Some of you Wiz 101 kids may not know what this is.
  15. Say goodbye to all yo gold and all yo crap.
  16. As long as it can be destroyed and claimed by an opposing faction, why not?
  17. Someone once said Shadowbane is the /b/ of MMOs. I don't think people outside of the community know precisely what they are getting into.
  18. Yo Hidetade how long will it take you to get 6000 posts on this forum?
  19. I'm kind of excited to have Wizard 101 players here. They will provide free farming to all of us.
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